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    The P81's are selling good, especially via my ebay listing for them. I have those, and the 66, listed there. The 66 were selling like crazy and now I am almost out, and my last order of them does not seem to be moving, 78 days after ordering and paying. If this order doesn't go through, I will probably not mess with the 66 anymore. I can sell the P81 or other models for just a few bucks more, so at some point soon I will run completely out and I will not be ordering more.

    I should have 100pcs each of Gold Monkey 666 and Gold Dollar 208 arriving on Friday. I was very enthusiastic about the 666 after so many guys told me it was a better razor than the 777, but I bought a supposedly shave ready 666 from a UK seller and it was pretty whack. It was fairly sharp, yeah, but the edge was pretty ziggy zaggy. Took me an hour on the Shapton 120 to straighten it out. I hope this was just a bad one, and not a fair representation of that model. I will find out in a few days.

    The big news is I also have a piece of Shinki Hikaku shell cordovan inbound. I hope to get four full length 2-3/4" wide strops and a handul of 2-1/4" wide shorter travel strops out of it. These won't be cheap cause that leather was dreadfully expensive. Just wanted to give the members here a heads up and first dibs on a shell cordovan strop, along with the SRP members. I can't promote my stuff on B&B due to the cost of the vendor tag, which is a pity. Lots of horse shell fans there.
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