Any Corrections Officers Here?

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    Happy Friday From Florida!

    So, after 15.5 years of employment at one company, the company was bought out by an investment group. A month ago, my position was eliminated.

    I spent a solid month applying for jobs, three and four per day. I went on several interviews, got a second interview on two occasions, and then nothing more.

    The second job I applied for a month ago is an entry level position with the Florida Department of Corrections, and today was my first day of training.

    Are there any shavers here with DOC experience? If so, do you have anything you can share about your experience inside the system?

    I do have previous military experience in the Navy, so that may help with the institutional conditioning.

    Thank You in advance!
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    Sorry to hear about the old position. I don't have any corrections experience so I'm no help there but best of luck.
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