Any golfers here?

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by DDuckyMark, Jun 26, 2020.

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    I'm tip toeing into my 30s now (33 this November) and feel like I need a non contact sport to keep myself in shape. I already hike but that's not a social game. I understand the game and know how to play and I understand the rules but I've never done it.

    Earlier today I was messaging a trainer. In a couple weeks I'll start learning and hopefully I'll enjoy it. I grew up around a lot of golf but since I've moved to NC instead of FL I haven't paid any attention to it. The clubs have changed! What in the world is a hybrid club?
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    Apparently it's to fill in the gap between fairway wood shot and mid-to-short irons, according to google.

    I've always subscribed to the belief that "golf is a game designed by the devil, and played with tools inadequate for the purpose."
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    Whenever I'm feeling a little over confident.... I go play golf. It brings me back to reality every time :rofl:.
    Hybrids are just a more forgiving options to long irons. I've played once this year, I shot a 88. Zero warm up, no putting green. Just went to the first tee and started swinging... I figured that may be the best I do this year. haha
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    Two older Scotsmen were playing golf. The first gentleman prepared to putt, as he did, a funeral procession appeared.
    He stopped, removed his cap, and waited for the procession to pass. When it did, the second gentleman said ‘that
    was very decent of you’, to which the fist man replied, ‘It was the least I could do, we were married for fifty years’.

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