Anyone heard from Lloyd?

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by PLANofMAN, May 6, 2023.

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    Lloyd Chisholm @Bird Lives had recently moved back to the southern coast of Turkey a few months before that big earthquake that devastated the region. He hasn't been seen on this forum since right before it happened.

    I was wondering if anyone has heard from him at all, and I hope he's alright, but just without internet service.

    BTW, this is his YouTube channel. He's an accomplished jazz musician.
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  2. stingraysrock

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    I sent him an email asking about him. If he does not have internet access, an email is pointless though. I hope him and Ayden are okay.
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  3. Bird Lives

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    Hey guys!! Thanks for you good wishes and caring.

    Me and mine are fine! We were unaffected, just too far away. I'm on the Mediterranean close to Western Turkey and the Quakes were in the South East close to Syria.

    We were seriously affected with concern for those who were though. And have been trying to help some who were moved close to our area.
    More than a million people were displaced. And it will be years before the effects of this disaster will have been dealt with.

    But life in my area was untouched. Even our internet and phones stayed up and on. I've just been too busy to sign in back at the Den, but I'll be touching down later today.

    Thanks for reaching out, my friends.
    I'm moved by your caring and thoughtfulness.

    My best wishes to you....LC
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    So glad you are ok, @Bird Lives !! You are still my favorite music teacher.
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