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Discussion in 'Vendor's Corner' started by Salty Belle, Nov 4, 2015.

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  1. Salty Belle

    Salty Belle Well-Known Member

    Announcing the Grand Opening of my new shave soap shop!

    www.Route66Shave.com or www.RetroShaveShop.com

    You can use either URL to take you there!

    I’ve been a soap artisan for over 10 years. Nearly 3 years ago I realized I’d never made a shaving soap, thus the research and testing began. As part of my research I found shaving forums, but The Shave Den quickly became my favorite! In fact several of my crack crew of testers (you know who you are!), I found right here at The Den.

    So here I am, many dozens of test batches later, with a tester approved formula and a website finally online! Interested members can enter the code Shave Den on the checkout page to receive $3 bucks off per jar. I really wouldn’t be here without you!

    Happy Shaving!

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  2. Joef

    Joef Well-Known Member

    Nice site! Very mobile friendly. The bourbon jungle sounds like a scent I would love. When the wallet is replenished, I will definitely put in my order. I'm all about trying products from small new companies.
    Best of luck to you on your new endeavor.
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  3. richgem

    richgem suffering from chronic clicker hand cramps

    Congratulations & good luck!
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  4. Dzia Dzia

    Dzia Dzia Entitled to whine

    Congratulations on your grand opening. Hope to take you up on your TSD discount with the holidays arriving.
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  5. CyanideMetal

    CyanideMetal Wild and crazy guy

    Welcome!! It's always nice to have new people to send my money to.:sad027:
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  6. HolyRollah

    HolyRollah BaconLord Staff Member

    I was fortunate to be one of Kathleen's guinea pigs dedicated soap testers and came away VERY impressed with her array of shaving soaps. Loved both the scent(s) and the outstanding performance.
    I've used several of the samples regularly over the past month or more (Bourbon Jungle, Sweeney Todd, A Perfect Gent). Tough for me to pick a favorite from the lot as all were top-shelf. :love055:

    Test sample of the 'Bourbon Jungle'
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  7. cmorris357

    cmorris357 catching flies.........

    Just ordered a jar of Sweeny Todd. Sounds perfect for my straight razor shaves.
  8. Salty Belle

    Salty Belle Well-Known Member

    Aw shucks...thank you Kevin!!! Not just for posting this, but for all of your invaluable contributions along the way!
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  9. Salty Belle

    Salty Belle Well-Known Member

    Thanks bunches Chris! Hope you enjoy it!
  10. pvtbanks

    pvtbanks Corners First

    I will be ordering soon!
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  11. Drygulch

    Drygulch Snowballs

    Supporting Vendor
    Any plans for samples being available for purchase?
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  12. Kizurra

    Kizurra Well-Known Member

    Just when you think you have them all, that perfect gentleman scent profile sounds mighty fine.
    Any plans on matching aftershaves? We are a picky bunch after all.:happy088:
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  13. gwsmallwood

    gwsmallwood Well-Known Member

    The Bourbon Jungle is awesome. Reminds me of Stirling Barbershop with an extra kick. I didn't get a chance to test out the final formula, but I'm still enjoying an earlier batch of test pucks. If the new formula is better, then it's defintely worth trying.
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  14. jmaier

    jmaier Well-Known Member

    Congrats! A fantastic site and a promising line of products. I'm already debating which to try first.
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  15. Marverel

    Marverel Well-Known Member

    Great shop page and a great array of scents. And I love how you incorporated the arizonian flag into your label design :happy088:

    As a huge fan of road trips through the US I just have to order this one soon:


    Gotta check on you from time to time for international shipping option ;)

    Edit: Just wanted to subscribe to your newsletter, but when I enter my email address it says: There was a problem processing your submission.
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  16. Joef

    Joef Well-Known Member

    Awesome! Thanks for the heads up. I haven't tried the Stirling soaps yet, but have some samples on the way...including the barbershop. Love the smell of the tsd and wsp barbershop, so I'm guessing I'll love this one too.
  17. maltedmilk

    maltedmilk Well-Known Member

    Article Team
    Well... I am a little disappointed that I wasn't the first to respond with congratulations on the grand opening, but I am quite pleased to boast that I was the first official customer on the web site. I had the great privilege of being one of Kathleen's soap testers and received an insider's tip that the shop was open. I jumped over and ordered the Lumberjack (at quite some risk if I can't sneak this one past SWMBO... the bathroom is already overtaken by my soap collection <sigh>) and I've already got a tracking number.

    I've tested 6 Route66 soaps. Every one was top notch. It is a little hard to compare soaps, but I would put them in the overall "family" of Pre de Provence and Mitchell's Wool Fat. Great lather and skin conditioning par excellence. I actually skipped my post shave routine just to test how well the conditioning held. At the end of the day, my face was just a little dryer than normal but didn't burn at all.

    Back in the day, I had a little trouble coughing up "big bucks" for PdP and MWF, but the many rave reviews eventually got me over the sticker shock... and boy were they worth it! And so are Kathleen's soaps! Like the big names, Route66 soap lasts a really long time — much longer than the common cheapie pucks — so present a shaving soap value. (They lasted longer than Stirling... which I like quite well, thank you)

    Route66 soaps are so nice that I didn't bat an eye when I hit the web site. I clicked on the first soap in the suggestion list, read the description and pounced on the order button. I knew I had to make my order before the agony of choosing between scents set in.

    Scent is one of the hardest qualities to convey and most open to personal preference (care to review the love/hate count on The Veg? Not me!). However, I've really liked every scent from Route66 so far... and I LOVE me some Bourbon Jungle!

    Just get some!

    Ersatz soap tester and delighted customer,

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  18. Joef

    Joef Well-Known Member

    Ah ha, I beat ya to it.
    But thanks for posting, your insight just gives me more buyer confidence in my upcoming purchase.
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  19. Justin Linker

    Justin Linker Wetshaving belieber

    Congrats! I foresee Lumberjack in my cart in the near future.
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  20. Salty Belle

    Salty Belle Well-Known Member

    I hope to have samples soon!
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