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Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by NETWizz, Jul 10, 2024.

  1. NETWizz

    NETWizz Active Member

    I bough Arko soap sticks and am on the fence after my first shave with a stick.

    First of all, I have been face lathering for a while, so I thought I would like it more. Thing is I went to rub it on my two days growth beard like a wet crayon and it tugged and felt dry.

    it felt like I would imagine dragging a cartridge razor with 70 shaves would it rugged so much.

    Lather quality was superb though after taking a wet brush to the face! Smell was potent but good though the sent itself could have been better. It smells a bit like Ivory soap.

    Any suggestions?

    I am thinking I should soak the stick and let it bloom in a shave bowl for 15 minutes to soften.

    What do you do with it?
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  2. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    More water on the face.
  3. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    Mash the stick into a bowl. Lather up as with other soaps.

    Nope. Not a fan of the sick or face lathering.
    But that's me.

    It's your shave. Enjoy it your way!
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  4. BigMike

    BigMike Well-Known Member

    Arko comes in a puck too, you know.
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  5. Terry

    Terry Tool Admirer

    I'm finding that my tap water is very hard.
    I've been using distilled water to shave with.
    This seems to make whatever soap I use better.
    I do use a bowl or mix my lather in the container the soap comes in.
    Good luck.
  6. Ursa

    Ursa Well-Known Member

    I think I would try loading a wet shave brush by swirling it around on the exposed end of the soap stick for, say, 10 seconds. Then, I'd face-lather with that.
  7. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    I have hard water too. When I use the arko stick, I get it wet and then load using the long edge of the soap.

    It loads the face pretty quickly and works well.

    In the past I have also mushed it into a mug or pretended I was washing my hands and loaded my face from my hands.

    Used a ton of Arko over the years.
  8. BamaT

    BamaT Well-Known Member

    I wet my face really well and then wet the end of the stick before applying to my face. The stick may drag a bit, but it doesn’t bother me. I’m a face latherer for the most part.

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