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Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by matthewoli98, Sep 24, 2019.

  1. matthewoli98

    matthewoli98 Well-Known Member

    By the powers invested in me, I hereby dedicate this topic on this fine forum to all things Arko, nothing is quite as good as a morning shave with a rediculously well performing value for money shave stick! Feel free to post your Arko shave of the days or any arko tips or technical questions here too. Enjoy!

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  2. BlueShaver

    BlueShaver Premature Latheration Sufferer

  3. matthewoli98

    matthewoli98 Well-Known Member

    Decided to use the Arko cool cream since its been a while since ive used any of my creams. What a beautiful shave, very very good stuff, but for me the original shave stick is still the best Arko product ive tried so far.

    Razor: gillette 1948 aristocrat
    Brush: Wilkinson sword classic shave
    Blade: Gillette 7 o clock sharp edge(16)
    Shaving cream: Arko cool
    Aftershave Balm: prep[​IMG]

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  4. Tallships

    Tallships Well-Known Member

    I love Arko stick but I like to press it into my bowl and use it as I would a puck soap. I'll use one of my larger bowls deep enough for Arko to be pressed and have at least half a bowl to hold plenty of lather. Many don't like this soap because of the scent but I like the crisp wake me up citrus soapy scent. I'll admit it doesn't have an almond scent like Cella but the performance is just as great. It's fast to lather, slick, hydrating, lots of cushion and moisturizing. A dozen of Arko stick, a kilo of Cella and a dozen of Williams puck soap should last me awhile.
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  5. canoeroller

    canoeroller Well-Known Member

    Arco is dangerous. I have, on numerous occasions, given a stick to someone who is lather curious. They always become wet shave converts. (Don't tell anyone, but I think it is a gateway drug.)
  6. matthewoli98

    matthewoli98 Well-Known Member

    It doesn't matter how you use it, whether you're a bowl latherer or face latherer it works beautifully. Shave sticks are the only soaps i face lather with, everything else i tend to bowl lather. I also quite like the scent, ill admit i have better smelling soaps, but performance wise arko beats almost all of them, super slick stuff for sure!

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  7. matthewoli98

    matthewoli98 Well-Known Member

    Definitely a gateway drug. I got my first arko stick in May, and since then its my most used soap even though I have quite a large soap collection. Often i find myself sniffing a stick of Arko when im bored lol.

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  8. Jesseix

    Jesseix Active Member

  9. Terry

    Terry Tool Admirer

    It can be habbit forming, it's so cheap.
    Although the scent is somewhat dull, the shave can be great.
    Could be hard to stop using, once you've tried it.
    I've found other such addictive qualities in other soap for wet shaving uses.
    This can lead to Soap Acquisition Disorder or SAD for short. That normally leads to BAD, Brush Acquisition Disorder. If not treated for what it is, this could go into a full blown RAD, Razor Acquisition Disorder. All 3 combined has made people, men mostly, ruin their credit by draining bank accounts, max our credit cards and the like.
    All in the quest for the perfect shave.
    You've been warned.
  10. MR41

    MR41 Well-Known Member

  11. Tallships

    Tallships Well-Known Member

    I have 10 sticks of Arko left out of a box of 12 and thinking of ordering of another dozen, afraid I might run out. I wonder if I have a problem?
  12. stingraysrock

    stingraysrock PIF'd away his custom title

    I have nine sticks left; I am with you, order more!
  13. brit

    brit in a box

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  14. matthewoli98

    matthewoli98 Well-Known Member

    I have two arko sticks and two derbys and pretty soon I'll be ordering a 12 pack. I definitely have a problem lol!

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  15. Tallships

    Tallships Well-Known Member

    You really don't have a problem but if you were to order 4 boxes of 12 Arko sticks and maybe 4 kilos of Cella, also to mention other soaps that are on hand and were looking in the forums for other soap ideas, maybe then and only then you would have the BEGINNINGS of a Problem.
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  16. pj3r

    pj3r Well-Known Member

    Arko stick. Simple and one of the best soaps ever.[​IMG]

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  17. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    Here is a thread I started, a while back. It shows how to make differently scented Arko.

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  18. matthewoli98

    matthewoli98 Well-Known Member

    Beautiful shave

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  19. matthewoli98

    matthewoli98 Well-Known Member


    First shave of the month with my Gillette super speed flare tip. What a fantastic razor, i have two of them, a made in the UK and made in the USA varient. Slightly milder than the aristocrat and perfect for speed shaves. Shave quality is comparable to an aristocrat but the build quality of the aristocrat absolutely destroys the super speeds. Everything from the plating quality down to the thickness of the metal used is better on the aristocrat, but both razors are great shaver's. Interesting to see that the UK flare tip has a better fit and finish and is slightly more agressive than the US varient.

    Razor: Gillette Super Speed Flare tip (UK)
    Blade: gillette 7 o clock sharp edge (20)
    Brush: Omega 49
    Soap: Arko shave stick
    Aftershave Balm: prep[​IMG]

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  20. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    The man who PIFed me an Arko stick went on to warn me of the smell. IT does smell a bit odd. Do others just ignore the smell and use the stick anyway, knowing it will lead to a great shave?
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