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  1. Hi All,
    Regarding JoAnna's request for a 'full report' on my new toy received as an auction prize from this site: The NWC injector, to be precise.
    Let me mention that one reason for my purchase was a review of that razor a few weeks before, even using the same blades I use. This was in another shaving forum I look in on. The member had a very positive post about the whole experience, and I respect his opinion. It seemed worth trying. Thanks for that review, Ron.
    Five shaves in so far, and it's a keeper! Took me the first time using it to learn that it takes even less pressure than my L or M schick models. It's a good bit heavier than other injectors I've used, which I like. The head is a bit tougher to see around when shaving, but not bad at all. The handle's quite nice, but for some reason I find myself choking up on it. Definitely a different animal than my schicks, but an easy learning curve.
    First shave was just ok, except for a bit of burn on the left side of my neck. Not a BBS shave, by any means. Face felt a little rough, but not bad looking at least. However.........the next 4 shaves have been excellent! I used the soaps our hostess provided me for 3 of the 4, and it was a kick! Each morning I've been finding myself rubbing my face and neck............marveling at the smoothness. The razor works as it should, not rough at all, plus I know the soaps I'm using are helping to contribute to that very pleasant feeling of the perfect shave. No irritation at all when finished. Very nice.
    So, the razor's a success, or at least this one is for me. I'm very pleased with it and will be using it as a change of pace. I'm using some old twin personnas (same ones I use in my other models), and it's been a nice combo for me.I'm planning on trying out the blades sent as part of the package next. I've tried (and liked) the German schicks before, but never experienced the US ones. I do hear good things about em though.
    YMMV of course, but I like this thing.
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    I'm glad you are enjoying the razor, Martin! :signs021

    My only question is; Who is our hostess? :confused::confused:

  3. Hi JoAnna,
    Well, I figured that title would fit Sue. Of course I'd also include you in that group of 2.....heh. So, how does 'co hostess' sound? No stinkin men running this place is there? Or did I miss something?
  4. Why yes, I certainly DID miss something. Sorry for my confusion.
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    Thank you for the update. Enjoy your new razor!!!!

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    No apology needed. I just wasn't sure what you meant by "our hostess". :o

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