Banned from B&B again….

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by Mike-R41, Jun 27, 2022.

  1. Mike-R41

    Mike-R41 Well-Known Member

    I accidentally asked someone if they wanted to buy my brush….. and without warning…. no message….. I mean you could’ve messaged me and deleted the post…. But their draconian methods prevail once again and get people away and hating their fourm.

    all of us who have been the WetShaving community for years know how much each of us put into this community. Whether it be forums Facebook groups or YouTube. We all know how much each of us contribute and how much friends we’ve made along the way. And for forums like that to just ban you without question I don’t like that. So peace! No one needs them!

    I always love you guys over here, but to be honest I only liked the way badger and blade was appealing to the eye, visually. Other than that, I can do without the Big brother watching my every move!
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  2. ewk

    ewk Well-Known Member

    There is a current thread here on TSD warning about an unscrupulous new member sending personal unsolicited messages regarding potential sale. Seems there is a rash of such unsolicited messages and people getting ripped off on other hobby forums. Members and moderators on high alert for scams right now.
  3. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    They have similar rules here also, not sure about selling and trading rules because I usually by new or on E-bay. Shipping is expensive here in Canada, sometimes it costs more to ship than the article some one wants (Not worth it, got stung already by someone on B&B years ago who seemed sincere.)
  4. Mike-R41

    Mike-R41 Well-Known Member

    But wouldn’t you figure someone would message and tell you? I mean I was one of their top contributors!
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  5. ewk

    ewk Well-Known Member

    Your departing message on B&B notes "the numerous other sales violations that I was warned about."
  6. Mike-R41

    Mike-R41 Well-Known Member

  7. Mike-R41

    Mike-R41 Well-Known Member

    I was never warned about anything
  8. DaltonGang

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