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Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by old-school shaver, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. old-school shaver

    old-school shaver Well-Known Member

    Friday my wife and I went to a few antique stores. Before I ever left the house I said to myself I'm not looking to buy any straight razors today. While we were in the second store I hear my wife in the next aisle saying "you need to come and go through this stuff in this case".

    Top razor Peters Brothers Best Quality wedge.
    Middle razor John Barber wedge.
    Bottom one Wade and Butcher Sheffield wedge.
    The top and bottom ones need to have new scales as they are both broken on the back side at the wedge end. All of them need restoration and a good bonding but at 15 dollars a piece I figured they were a pretty good investment. That is a quarter beside the bottom one for size comparison.

    Ken P
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  2. Tdmsu

    Tdmsu Well-Known Member

    Nice find!

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  3. Straight razor dandy

    Straight razor dandy Stuck cleaning the house himself PERMANENTLY

    Looks good to me. Are you planning on shaving with them or shadow boxing them?
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  4. HolyRollah

    HolyRollah BaconLord Staff Member

    Those are razors with potential. The top one looks to be hollow ground ( see shoulder), but it's difficult to see in the photo. It may be what is classified as 'near-wedge' - same for the w&b. All should restore nicely.
  5. old-school shaver

    old-school shaver Well-Known Member

    First order of business is to restore them get them honed up and then I will put them to work. I have a great fondness for big wedge or near wedge straights. I'm not a real big fan of hollow ground straights. Not sure if it the flimsy light feel in my hands or what it is but I still use them on occasion. But give me a big wedge and thats where its at. I just love the feeling of those monster iron straights.

    Ken P.
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  6. Jasman

    Jasman Well-Known Member

    Love that W&B.
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  7. entropy1049

    entropy1049 Well-Known Member

    J. Barbers are good old straights. You could have paid for just the Barber what you paid for all three and still have been well ahead of the game. A good haul!
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  8. oscar11

    oscar11 Well-Known Member

    I enjoy wedges. Here's one a little over an inch. It's a Sheffield and has a makers mark of an acorn but can't make out who the manufacturer is.
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  9. old-school shaver

    old-school shaver Well-Known Member

    That's a beauty right there. I just love the way those big razors feel in the hand and the way they shave when they have a good edge on them. Enjoy that razor.

    Ken P

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