Blade nicks and shave angle advice needed

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by renol, Jan 13, 2014.

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    I was looking at my razor the other day and when the angle of light is just right I can see three tiny little spots on the blade that look like nicks. I ran my thumbnail parallel along the blade and I didn't feel it catch nor when I ran perpendicular to the blade no catches. I'm sure its from my mishandling but is this something that I'd have to have the blade honed to fix? I really can't take a picture because of the angle and they are quite small as well. Just kinda wondering at what point should I be concerned?

    As for the angle I'm going nuts trying to figure out a good approach to my neck. To go against the grain I'd have to shave basically in horizontal strokes from left to right. I've tried hitting the hairs at an angle on a up or down stroke but it really doesn't get close enough. So I'd like to hear how some of you do the neck area.
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    This is a great vid from Toxik

    The one using the bright light and looking for blunting is the one you are after..

    DO NOT touch the blade edge if at all possible

    Now as to getting the neck hairs, it is all about angle and practice, BUT you have to have a Damn Sharp edge :)
    The hardest thing to learn is to get closer you want to get lighter, I touch up and catch the errant hair with a clear water pass and the razor barely touching my face.. I often refer to it as gliding the edge on the film of water or as light as a Butterfly Kiss :D

    Here is a vid I did about a shave test, but you might catch some hints from it too

  3. Mr. Oldschool

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    I just had a similar incident with noticing a spot on the edge that looked out of line with the rest of the blade. I did an extra stropping session to no avail, Then I pulled out the treated balsa strop and used it, also with no results. Finally I sat down with my hone and gave it a good honing, followed by a stropping and all seems to be in order now. I shaved with it on Sunday and got a good close shave.

    As to neck shaving, I'm still working on what gives the best results, but what gives better results for me than other methods so far is to take very light, very short strokes diaganoally against the grain. My neck wiskers also tend to mostly grow from left to right, so dead against the grain is nigh impossible, at least past the mid point of my throat. From my right side of my jaw to center it is easy to do against the grain, but I just haven't managed a good handhold for the ever difficult left side under the jaw area for a center to left stroke.

    I will also mention that I find my skin doesn't bear-up under a super close shave so well, so I have found that in some areas, I have to settle for close but not BBS.
  4. renol

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    Thanks for the advice all. I'll check out the vid and try the suggested methods on my next shave. I find I'm still rushing more than I should and getting a few slices here and there as a result. We'll see how this next one goes.
  5. Mr. Oldschool

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    That was one of my first things I needed to learn too. Take it slow. Expect a shave to take at least three slow deliberate passes. As you improve your angle, you can probably get a decent job done in two passes, but a single pass will not do the job, and rushing will only get you hurt.

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