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  1. why do i get the weird feeling that manual razors will deliver a closer shave than any electric shaver???? what do you guys think? rsvp.
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  2. Terry

    Terry Tool Admirer

    Well try a manual shaver and decide for yourself.
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  3. Edison Carter

    Edison Carter Goo-bloomin' Stankster

    In ideal conditions, the cutting edge of a manual shaver glides along the surface of the skin and cuts the hair at that level.

    I don't know everything about all electrics, but in the olden days of Remington, Norelco, and Braun, whiskers had to poke through a non moving guard to get to the blade.

    BTW, what shave gear do you like?
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  4. gssixgun

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    There was a HUGE argument about Foil Shavers being used after a SR for the best shave ever on the SRP fb Page a week ago

    Now IMHO if the foil razor touches a hair after the SR shave it wasn't done properly but that is just me
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  5. PLANofMAN

    PLANofMAN Paperboy

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    There's better ways to remove hair than holding a rabid squirrel up to one's face.

    ...which is how an electric razor feels to me.
  6. Tallships

    Tallships Well-Known Member

    I've tried some of the electric razors and never got a decent shave, always went back to my trusty Slim.
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  7. Jacksonpop

    Jacksonpop New Member

    Yes, you are right. I have a Straight Razor bought from Amazon. But I don't use it very often, except for the weekend, because it will take much time to shave my face. I also bought an electric shaver, the shaving experience of my straight razor is better than my electric shaver, but the electric one is OK for me, clean and comfortable enough, and save time.
  8. Shaver X

    Shaver X Well-Known Member

    I dunno. Why?

    I have had very comfortable, baby bottom smooth shaves from electric shavers, cartridge razors and double-edge safety razors. I have also had lousy shaves from each type. To say one type is necessarily better than the others, at least for the general population of shavers, is inaccurate at best. For a given individual, on the other hand, one type of razor might well give better results than the others.
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  9. steve207

    steve207 Well-Known Member

    I wet shave with an electric shaver a lot with the right one you can get a bbs shave and a good soap or cream and a brush and away you go don't get me wrong the manuals get about the best results i still use my be and shavette from time to time when my hands quit shaking and twitching witch can take awhile untell then I'll wet electric shave
  10. djringjr

    djringjr New Member

    I have a Norelco rotary electric razor, it works very well and I can get a hurry up shave in 30 seconds. I disagree with the person who said "if you can cut beard with an electric razor after using XXX wet shave, you didn't wet shave correctly. I find I can shave with straight razor or double edge slant and go over with any type of razor and find a few small spots where I can remove stubble. It's always been that way. I'd give electric razor a 90% rating and wet shaving 98%. Speedwise the electric wins and I never have weepers. I enjoy wet shaving and if I wash face, give myself a hot towel, lather up with soft soap or soap stick and brush and shave, I get the best shave, but that cannot be rushed.
  11. steve207

    steve207 Well-Known Member

    Well with wet electric shaving your best of both worlds but be fair i have been nicked with the Norelco oneblade that's because i had an ingrown hair or a pimple but not a very deep one but still the best of both
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  12. Demidog

    Demidog Well-Known Member

    I was gifted an electric razor recently. It's okay but it won't ever replace a manual razor for me. I can get a pretty close shave with it but it seems unable to cut a few whiskers on certain parts of my face and it can't quite match shaving against the grain with an actual razor. It's a little uncomfortable at times but not too bad if I have time to moisturize before shaving.

    When I do use it, I usually just do the first pass with it then I clean up with a manual razor. Best of worlds and lets me get a close shave just about every day without much in the way of weepers.
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  13. Robert1955

    Robert1955 Well-Known Member

    I had a electric razor at 17 ( yes...electricity had been invented then ) and it was awful, gave it up and back to the old brass DE, at around 25 there was a lot of improvement and choice of electric shavers so I got another and tried again...awful..never been back down that road.
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  14. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    Isn't an electric also a manual razor????
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  15. Tallships

    Tallships Well-Known Member

    About the same for me, Tried a Schick in the early '60's , two shaves and it went in the trash, later on in years I tried a rotary head , it got trashed too, I think I'll stay with my DE/SE shaving, perfect non-aggravating shave every time.
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  16. Angelo85

    Angelo85 Well-Known Member

    I used to shave with an electric razor before I began wet shaving. I found the electric razors left A LOT to be desired. 2 hours after I would use an electric razor with ‘Lectric Shave I would have the beginning stages of a 5 O’clock shadow; whereas with a DE I can be BBS for a minimum of 8 hours or more.
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  17. brit

    brit in a box

    i agree.i have had a couple of electric/rotary type shaves at the local more blade shaves there unfortunately.a short while after the electric shave face felt like it needed an atg pass.probably a good shave on the fly irritation noted..
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  18. steve207

    steve207 Well-Known Member

    The trouble spots that you are having this is were straight razor technique comes in try stretching to get the spots that giving you the trouble i forgot to do that some times and it takes time for your beard to get use to it and remember to follow the grain but you are going against it as you are following it.
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  19. Pattorashu

    Pattorashu Member

    I actually enjoy the shave that a higher end Braun (5000, 7000, 9000 series) gives me, but I much prefer the process of wet shaving to an electric. I would say I can get a better shave consistently with an electric though.

    Still don't prefer it.
  20. Macbeth

    Macbeth Active Member

    I have had 2 high end Braun shavers , replacing the blades every 6 months and got "satisfactory" shaves.
    But it took about 3 passes and sometimes a bit of razor burn.
    Took up wet shaving recently and actually look forward to and enjoy my wet shaves.
    So many variables that it is fun to experiment.
    The electric was "ho hum" bland.
    Electrics can be quick and I could shave on way to work if in a hurry.
    I'm retired now and set my own time and relax and "play "
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