"Bottoms Up". What Bottle of Aftershave Did You Last Empty??

Discussion in 'Preshave and Aftershave' started by DaltonGang, Feb 15, 2019.

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    A7C052E1-471B-42BB-9D39-0898853A1656.jpeg I’ve had this bottle of Pinaud Clubman for over 4 years. Today was the day I finished it up. Good thing I have a spare.
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  3. DaltonGang

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    Many years ago, I started to transfer my Pinaud Clubman to a glass container. It improved the scent. Old hot sauce bottles work great. Or, you can order different sizes.

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    Couldn't see the bottle so I shed a little light on the subject. :eatdrink047:

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    Sorry 'bout that.
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  7. DaltonGang

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    Pinaud Clubman
    16 oz. Country Club Size

    This took quite a while to finish. Years. Lucky for me, I have some on reserve.

  8. SharptoothC

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    Proraso Green. Fortunately I have two backup bottles.

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    AA Men Advanced Care
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