Brass Handle Center Punch to Brass Razor Handle

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Jayaruh, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. Jayaruh

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    @Hobgoblin mentioned a guy on B&B who got a brass handle center punch at Harbor Freight Tools and changed it into a razor handle. I thought that sounded great, so, I did it too. The punch costs $2.99 plus tax. I didn't have the 10-32 tap, so while I was at Harbor Freight, I picked up a 40 piece set for $15.99.
    I removed the guts and drilled it out to accept a 10-32 tap.

    The handle has a very nice feel.
    This is the handle with a Gillette Old Type.

    Here is the handle on a Utopia head.

    Middle section removed to make a travel handle.
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  2. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    I actually like the look of it when I cover up the bottom 1/3 (the 'cap') as if it's not attached.
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  3. Sevenbark

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    Nice setup! Traditional shavers seemed to be very innovative.
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  4. tedh75

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    Great idea. Thanks for sharing.
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  5. clint64

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    I like it.
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  6. R.D.Nelson

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    very nice I might have to give that a try.
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  7. Rapidray

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    I did not realize the punch unscrewed. That is kinda neat.
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  8. GDCarrington

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    Good work!
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  9. celestino

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  10. Jayaruh

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    I got out the MAAS metal polish and polished up the handle. Here it is on my Gillette Old Type next to the ball end handle. MAAS is pretty good.
  11. ObiDon

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    Very cool! It will also save the rather fragile Old Type handle. I'm adding this to my list. Thanks:happy096:
  12. Misphit

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    Hmm. that explains the $18 price for the handles on this thread... $2.99 for the punch? nice profit!
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  13. gorgo2

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    That's the third largest razor I've ever seen.
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  14. ObiDon

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    You could get it plated in gold.
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  15. Douglas Carey

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  16. PatrickA51

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    Excellent work. Looks great! :happy096: :happy088:
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  17. Darkbulb

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    Looks really, really good
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  18. Slow Joe

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    Great idea and we'll executed. Thanks for sharing.
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  19. necrotic

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    Very nicely done!
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  20. Doubletrouble

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    Nice work! How is the weight compared to the original handle? I like the added length, I have large hands so I think that mod would be an ergonomic improvement for me personally.
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