Brillant de Luxe, an East Germany adjustable

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by IAmTheJody, May 26, 2012.

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    An interesting acquisition. The brand is Brillant de Luxe. They were made from the 1960s though early 1980s in East Germany, in a town called Zella-Mehlis - which for you firearms enthusiasts, is also the location of the original Walther weapons factory.

    This is an early 1980s version as the full black handle portion is plastic. The earlier versions, the handle was all aluminum. As you can see, it is an adjustable. I also found it interesting that the head resembles the head of a Wilkinson Sword "Sticky" DE razor.

    These are very rare and nearly impossible to find according to a razor collector in Germany - which I didn't know and which wasn't the reason for buying it. I just liked the way it looked and that it was an unknown-to-me adjustable. It was only after my purchase that I found out its history and rarity. It's not even in the Waits' Safety Razor Compendium.

    The Swish Stainless blade is from India and not an original part of the set.


    2.jpg 3.jpg
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    How does it shave?
  3. awake2shave

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    Is the adj. part of the tto or is it independant in its function?
  4. IAmTheJody

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    Awaiting its arrival in the mail, still. :)
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    Razors from former Warsaw Pact nations could be a whole new area of specialization for collectors. Or razors from countries that no longer exist. It's been quite a while now, but I still remember my amazement as the Berlin Wall came down.

    It looks like an interesting razor. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be a good shaver, but a good display item regardless.
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  6. alpla444

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    Looks nice enough, good find:)
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  7. Neolithium

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    I can see why you jumped on it without research. That is beautiful! I've noticed a lot more Eastern Bloc razors hitting the market - I've of course had my eye on the straight razors ;)
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    Interesting acquisition...
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  10. IAmTheJody

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    I was able to find a pic of an earlier one from the 1960s, with the anodized black aluminum handle and black adjustable/TTO knob:

  11. IAmTheJody

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    Finally arrived from Ukraine today. The TTO knob opens the doors and lowers and raises the blade bed for the adjusting. Really neat design... but feels very cheap. I'll be giving it a spin around Jody-face Alley soon.


    BrillantDeLuxe01.jpg BrillantDeLuxe03.jpg BrillantDeLuxe04.jpg BrillantDeLuxe05.jpg BrillantDeLuxe06.jpg

    BrillantDeLuxe07.jpg BrillantDeLuxe08.jpg BrillantDeLuxe09.jpg BrillantDeLuxe10.jpg
  12. IAmTheJody

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  13. GDCarrington

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    Very nice score!
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  14. tomnat

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    Nice. I look forward to hearing how she shaves.
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  15. battle.munky

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    Really cool!
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  16. gorgo2

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    You know, I always wondered what would happen if a Wilkinson, a SuperAdjustable and a bottom dial Fatboy had a threeway. Now I know.

    Is the adjuster independent of the TTO knob? I'd think it'd have to be but they look one-piece from here.
  17. IAmTheJody

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    No, it's not independent which is why I think it's an interesting design. Unless it's independent somehow inside the handle, which I can't see.
  18. awake2shave

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    Are my eyes tricking me , your going to try one of your new arrivials. Granted I haven't been here long but this is the first I have hurd of you using one. :D I was starting to think you had a beard that touches the ground!
  19. IAmTheJody

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    lol You should have a look at my gear thread in the Medicine Cabinet section... I've got 5 vintage Gillettes I use in my regular rotation. ;)
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