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Discussion in 'Skincare' started by Leo501, Jul 13, 2020.

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    After years of absence I just started back using Brut- AS, cologne, & stick. I'm finding that the deodorant is just awful as far as fighting odor. I think it actually says 48 hour protection on it, but I'm getting less than a day.

    My go-to is Speed Stick original and I have no problems with that. I also just started using Old Spice again and so far that's been fine. It's just the Brut stick that seems to be lacking performance.

    Any similar/different stories?
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    I have a lot of trouble with a lot of deodorants. Many cause me to break out, or flat out don't work. Until the current coronavirus situation I was using an expensive natural deodorant as a final result. Now the one place I could find it has closed. So I decided to try some Brut. It has actually worked pretty well for me. Doesn't break me out, and gets me through a full day. The only other bix box option I can use is Mitchum. I especially like the Curve scented version.

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    I used to use Brut deodourant and antiperspirant/deodourant sticks and sprays years ago. Their deodourant-only stick was the least effective of the bunch and couldn't even get me through an eight-hour shift at work. It did have a nicer fragrance than the rest of the Brut offerings, though.

    The Brut antiperspirant/deodourant spray was the best performer by a long shot, but doesn't smell much like Brut at all.

    The most effective antiperspirant/deodourants for me are:
    Spray: Degree (any flavour)
    Stick: Degree Sport Defence
    Roll-On: Ban Regular or Fresh Cotton
    Gel: Mitchum (any flavour)

    For just plain deodourant:
    Stick: Speed Stick Irish Spring
    Spray: Old Spice (any flavour except unscented)
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