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Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by DDuckyMark, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. DDuckyMark

    DDuckyMark Ducky Duck and the Hiding Bunch

    I have some build pictures of @NCoxSTL's new razor. Since the Russian Straight was described as Aluminum like and without a defined spine I thought "How bad does it have to be before he won't shave with it?" I think I may have reached that limit. Lets find out.

    I started with a quality aluminum blank.

    Here it is after rough shaping.

    And the finished razor bevel set to a 1k King.

    Sad thing is I did set a bevel with 3 pieces of tape and it is popping arm hair. Notice the fine jute wrapping on the handle. I also choose a frameback design due to the thickness of the material. The tip design should be perfect for detail work around any facial hair and or scarring.

    (This is just a joke. I don't think anyone would really shave with this and if they wanted to try I would take it away from them. Don't try this at home. If you do try this at home I am hereby announced to have warned you against it and am released of any liability.)
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  2. NCoxSTL


    Hmmmmmmmmm.........you know with a little pre shave oil and a good lather.........
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  3. DDuckyMark

    DDuckyMark Ducky Duck and the Hiding Bunch

    It does cut hair I have a bald patch on my arm from it. I'm not too sure of how well it would do on the face. Little bit of wave in the blade.
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  4. Drygulch

    Drygulch Snowballs

    Supporting Vendor
    Mark, I don't think you hit the limit.

    Let's do an experiment. Send it to Neal, and see if it shows up in a shave post.
  5. JR Reyes

    JR Reyes I scream for....chicken wings??

    You might need to mute that tip...looks like it will take no prisoners.

    Then again...

    What's the worst that could happen?
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  6. DDuckyMark

    DDuckyMark Ducky Duck and the Hiding Bunch

    Maybe I will. Should be fine in standard mail with a stamp right?
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  7. DDuckyMark

    DDuckyMark Ducky Duck and the Hiding Bunch

    I could mute the tip but that would remove the fun. Besides it feels like the heel is the part that will maim.
  8. NCoxSTL


    Wavy blade....sounds like you've duplicated Soviet technology from that era. You, sir, are a craftsman.
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  9. richgem

    richgem suffering from chronic clicker hand cramps

    I'm hoping if you or someone shaves with it that you start the shave with, "Here. Hold my beer." :D

    "Y'all ain't never gonna believe this," would also be acceptable.
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  10. DDuckyMark

    DDuckyMark Ducky Duck and the Hiding Bunch

    Here hold my beer is the preshave. describing it afterwards is when we say Y'all ain't never gonna believe this.
  11. NCoxSTL


    "Hold my beer" for the preshave, "pass the vodka" for the post. You can either drink the vodka or use it to sterilize the wounds....your choice.

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