Bumps from shaving?

Discussion in 'Skincare' started by GoodShave, Oct 7, 2022.

  1. GoodShave

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    Hey everyone,

    Last weekend I think I over did things shaving.

    I shaved two days in a row with a Feather Pro Super blade in my Razorock Hawk V3 as I was comparing it with the standard plate and a Feather Pro with the A plate. I also bowl lathered instead of face lathered which meant I probably did not work the lather into my stubble as much as I usually do. I normally shave every other day.

    Anyway, after day two of shaving, I noticed some bumps on my neck. I have never seen those before in all my years shaving. I switched to a milder razor for the week and shaved only every two to three days. I also avoided the bumps in my shaves and only did one WTG pass on my neck to not create more bumps.

    The bumps are going away slowly but I wondered if any of you have encountered this and have recommendations to help the bumps go away and how to prevent them in the first place.

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  2. brit

    brit in a box

    when i started shaving every day compared to 3 times a week-7 days- i experienced similar irritaion/bumps on the lower neck.although i routinely changed software and still do, the razor was always a milder gillette with a gillette blade.it gradually stopped as my face got used to it.i also went from a 3 pass shave to a 2 pass across the grain as less growth was present between shaves.
  3. GoodShave

    GoodShave Well-Known Member

    Thanks Gary!

    I appreciate it. I have never had bumps before and I hope to avoid them in the future.

    I plan on a milder razor tomorrow. It will be a three-day growth, so I may need to change things depending on how the shave goes.

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  4. brit

    brit in a box

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  5. steffizinc

    steffizinc New Member

    Probably you didn't soothe your skin afterward. I sometimes get ingrown hairs under my skin after shaving if I don't do it right. But it's not a common problem as far as I know. I have problematic skin, nails, and hair. My hair is unruly and curly. Maybe that's why shaving is difficult for me. I even get hangnails that often hurt. To get my nails to stop growing into my finger skin, I started asking my GF to do my nails. Of course, she doesn't paint my nails. She cleans them, smears them with a smelling oil, and softens the skin around my nails. She graduated with a nail course at https://www.nwcollege.edu/programs/nail-technology. She always disinfects her tools, so I trust her.
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  6. GoodShave

    GoodShave Well-Known Member

    Thanks! What do you mean by 'soothe your skin'?

    I wiped off the shaving cream with a damp shave towel, ran a cotton round with witch hazel over the skin, washed off the witch hazel and applied PAA Mysterium Serum to my face.
  7. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    Not sure what he means by "soothe your skin" either.

    My two cents: Don't wipe or rub dry with the towel - pat dry.
    Other than that, sounds like you're on the right track.

    I use witch hazel like any other aftershave. I pour some into my palm, slap my hands together, then pat it over my face. I've never washed it off, but that doesn't mean I'm right about that.
    From the internet (so it must be true)...

    Does witch hazel need to be washed off?

    Because of its alcohol content, the witch hazel will dry quickly—no need to rinse—and you'll be left with a clean, streak-free shine.

    Just saw this on the web, too... Witch hazel usually works best for oily skin because witch hazel is an astringent. If your skin reacts, you may notice red, irritated skin or a rash develop.
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  8. GoodShave

    GoodShave Well-Known Member

    I use an alcohol free witch hazel as alcohol dries out my already dry skin. :)
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  9. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    You might be getting some ingrown hairs starting when you see bumps but not weepers is indication of a blemish or possibly a ingrown. How I deal with any red spots on my face is with a worn out tooth brush of good dry boar brush and gently brush those area and apply some witch hazel with 14% alcohol and clove essential oil shaken together. I have some witch hazel added to a old bottle of witch hazel and add some essential clove oil to it and take a Q tip and apply some of this solution to the red areas. Clove has some fascinating medical remedies IMO, I have not had another issue for the last two years. I think I got ingrown from using twin II injector blades ( the first cartridge razor IMO) and stop using using them. I will even lightly brush my neck problem areas after a real close shave just to make sure whiskers are free to grow outwards from my skin instead of inwards.
  10. GoodShave

    GoodShave Well-Known Member

    I have some essential oils but I am not sure if I have clove. What ratio did you use (witch hazel to clove EO)?

    Fortunately for me, I only had those bumps once and they went away on their own after a week or two. I think the Feather Pro Super blade will be banned from my shave den (ha ha).
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  11. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    It is kind of up to the person preference , I used about 100ml and add about 7 drops and shake well. It should turn a milky color.
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  12. GoodShave

    GoodShave Well-Known Member

    Thank you!
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  13. sumomike

    sumomike New Member

    I recently helped someone shave for the first time in a long while and after a day he started to have some rash on his neck with some pimples, is that normal? He is a teen in his early 20's
  14. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    Sounds like ingrown hairs caused by shaving too close. I would suggest doing with the grain passes only to start with. Once good technique is established, try across the grain, then against the grain. He may never get there. Some guys just can't go against the grain with getting the burn, rash, and razor bumps.
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