C&E Sandalwood, Nomad and Sienna soaps still full price!

Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by Baloosh, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. Baloosh

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    I had to laugh. On C&E's web site they have a "Store Locator" function. Although there aren't any actual C&E stores near me, there are a couple of "Platinum" and "Gold" partner stores. I checked out one of the "Gold" stores near me, and they had a plethora of Shave soaps still available... both in the wooden bowls and the refills.

    They had:

    Sandalwood soap in bowl: $18.50
    Nomad soap in bowl: $18.50
    Nomad refills: $8.50
    Sienna refills: $8.50

    As I was looking through their stash, a salesperson came up and asked if I needed help. "No," I replied... "was just seeing if any of your C&E men's items are on sale." She said, "No, those typically don't ever go on sale."

    They must have purchased them before the major clearance/discount on the shave soaps. I guess if I were in their shoes, I'd not mark them down below cost either. Was kind of funny though.

    They also had the Nomad and Sienna cream tubs ($22.00) and the Nomad shave gel. I didn't look at the price on the shave gel.

    So, if anyone just HAS to get their C&E fix and can't find them anywhere else, I'll offer to pick up whatever you want and ship them to you, at cost plus tax and shipping. I doubt that particular store will ever mark down their C&E shave soaps.
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    They discontinued the Sienna, but not the Nomad, correct? (or have I been smoking da crack again?)

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