Can an unevenly honed razor be repaired?

Discussion in 'Razor Restoration' started by markjnewcomb, Mar 28, 2018.

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    IMG_20180328_114913.jpg IMG_20180328_114930.jpg IMG_20180328_114920.jpg IMG_20180328_114937.jpg IMG_20180328_114913.jpg I have two straights, both of which suffer from the same issue. Apparantly, someone without a lot of knowlege had honed these. The reason I say this is because the spine on both of these shows uneven wear. Specifically, the spine at the toe end is decidedly more worn that the spine at the heel. My belief is that this is due to someone honing the razor without ensuring that there is even pressure across the blade.

    So, is it possible to re-hone these and correct this? My thinking is that it may be possible to rehone these and apply more pressure to the heel. However, when I do this I am likely to simply wear down the razor so that it will be evenly unuseful?
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    It's not that they didn't know how to hone, it's just that it's well used, with a lot of hone wear.
    Yes, it can be honed and used. A layer of tape on the spine should help. Two layers if you really need it. I've seen worse.
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    Thanks, I will try.
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