Cella Cologne, Any Fans?

Discussion in 'Scents' started by suffolksupplies, May 11, 2009.

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  2. Austin

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    Never tried it. Tell us about it.
  3. There are two as far as I know. Classica & Eau De Lavande. They come in rather classic looking 200ml glass bottles.

    The Classica is a blended citrus, lavenda & light spice scent. The Lavande is an excellent Lavander water to my nose.

    Made by the same company who produces the almond shaving soap. Nothing shows up in a search at any of the shaving forums.

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  4. MsBlackwolf

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    TYVM Paul, I was wondering too.
  5. Austin

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    Paul, have you personally sampled these? They sound wonderful. I would be interested in their staying power. Thank you.
  6. I have just received these so have only smelled them in the bottles & splash on a small amount to sample. I believe as with Cella soap these have been around for a while so hopefully someone here has more experience with them.

    I will wear the Lavande tomorrow & report back.

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  7. JimR

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    The Lavande might not hit it off with me, but that Classica sounds like it might just become a good friend. I'd like to know how they are...
  8. burningdarkness

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    I've never heard of the stuff, Paul. They both sound great, though.

    I look forward to hearing your opinion on them.
  9. Wishoot

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    DRAT! Yet another product I feel compelled to buy for no other reason than it being somewhat unattainable.
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  10. I used the Eau De Lavande today. I splashed some on at 8am & now just after 4:30pm the wonderful Lavender scent is still there. The scent has obviously faded during the day but its still noticeable.

    I was hoping that someone else had tried this, anyone?

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  11. Truckman

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    I'm battling with that really bad right now.... :rolleyes:
  12. I used the Classica today & this has lasted as the Eau De Lavande. The Lavender water scent was the same thoughout the day but the Classica's strong lemon note faded in the first few hours. The excellent spice, floral & a more subtle citrus note remains.

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  13. burningdarkness

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    These sound excellent, Paul. Thanks much for the information.
  14. crackstar

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    Paul, this is the 1st I ever hear about the Cella colognes. :)
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  15. Eeyore

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    Kicking up an old thread, I know ... but I used the Cella Classica cologne again today (rather inexpensive here, and easy to get) and it's a great cologne. Really classic Italian, in the best way.

    The Cella Eau de Lavande is one of my daily favourites; a true lavender scent, with good staying power.

    To be fair, I posted a review a couple of years ago (on another forum), and there did not seem to be much interest really.
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  16. Eeyore

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    Really ... am I the only Cella fan left?
  17. Bussemand

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    There's been an explosion in products available on both sides of the Atlantic - People can barely keep up with all the new stuff, never mind the classics :scared011:
  18. Redfisher

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    I would love to try it. Maybe one of you could email a sample!
  19. Eeyore

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    On which side of the Atlantic ocean are you?

    Happy to send you a sample if you are in Europe. We're not allowed here to send alcohol based products by air mail.

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  20. Eeyore

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    Well, call me old fashioned then.

    I like the stuff with a long tradition.

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