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    If you ever happen to land in Alexandria, LA and you need a shave & a haircut, visit Day's Barbershop. Just went there today and I am very happy. They offer:

    Hot lather shave (with a straight) for $7.
    Haircut for $12.

    It's a straight up barbershop. They only take walk ins, and they're good about moving people through. There was a nice crowd when I walked in and the whole process, wait and all, took maybe 20 minutes.

    I did not get a shave but the guy next to me did. They give the full treatment, with a hot towel, hot lather (goop from a can, but it is quite warm) and then a shave with a straight. I don't know straights so I can't tell about what they use.

    They use clippers for the haircut and shave the back of the neck with a straight. The barber cutting my hair did a very good job. This is followed with a liberal dose of Osage Rub and then a minute or so long massage of your neck and shoulders using a vibrating massager.

    All this for 12 bucks. They're in the phone book, so look them up if you're ever in the area. I think I'm going to become a regular.
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    Wow! Great deal!
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    My daughter lives in Independence so on my next visit.......


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