Cheap but tasty canned chili find

Discussion in 'The Cookbook' started by gorgo2, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. PickledNorthern

    PickledNorthern Fabulous, the unicorn

    Mine is equal amounts of ground beef and cubed whatever I have thawed out. Beef, pork, venison, all of the above. I did use a pound of bratwurst one time, and it was pretty good. That counts as sausage. . No beans for me either.
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  2. Matt0210

    Matt0210 Well-Known Member

    I have never had it without beans. i usually use the dark red kidney beans. ill have to try without beans next time i make it.
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  3. Matt0210

    Matt0210 Well-Known Member

    Yeah that sounds amazing. of course I like anything with venison in it. but that sounds like a meaty-licious explosion right there.
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  4. Kenneth Sampson

    Kenneth Sampson Well-Known Member

    This picture is blown up in tapatalks thread updates section, and every time I see it, I feel like I should be tracking a deer.

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  5. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    A guy I worked with once swore by a huge spoonful of peanut butter stirred in. Never could bring myself to try it.
  6. Matt0210

    Matt0210 Well-Known Member

    Peanut butter? Man i dont know about that one. ive heard of people putting brown sugar in it, but ive never tried it. to me a chili should either be spicy or not spicy, never sweet. but you never know, ive tried a few things that have weird ingredients like that but turned out awesome
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  7. smittywerbenmanjensen

    smittywerbenmanjensen Active Member

    Haven't hear of adding peanut butter but could work out. I've made some good chilli too and a key ingredient is a tblsp. of unprocessed/unsweetened of course cocoa.
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  8. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    That's what I said. He swore up and down it did not impart sweetness, just flavor. MAYBE I might try the 100% ground nuts kind with zero sugar added.
  9. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus

    If it has beans... It's not chili.

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