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    I held an experiment this past week with soaps from my den. This is not a review nor a comparison of these soaps. They are all used regularly. To make all shaves as equal as possible, I used same preshave prep, same Semogue 2000 boar brush, same Gem MMOC razor, have accumulated 7 Gem SS blades with seven shave each,
    I shave both face and head daily-7 shaves on these blades is near equivalent on 15-20 shaves of face only-changed blade daily, all soaps were bowl lathered except Williams which was mug lathered on puck. The soaps are: Williams-1.75oz <@1.50, Wilkinson - 4.4oz $6, Arko stick grated in tub 2.6os>$1.50, Derby tub- 5oz>$7, Imperial-6.2oz>$7, VDH Deluxe- 3.5oz>$6, Omega-5.5oz >$10. All daily shaves were at approx. same time, rinsed and applied witch hazel. All products provided a very good shave-I seldom try for BBS. As you can see, these products have a very reasonable "per ounce" expense and last a long time. If you are a cream person, Kiss My Face can be found for about $10 for a 11.2oz container and is a very good cream. For my shaves, scents were original-and Imperial is unscented without ingredients you cannot pronounce! I would not hesitate to recommend these products to new wet shavers----maybe only exception would be Williams(I have used it for over 50 years). I have a very large collection of soaps, but will always have these to go along with MDC and Penn, etc.
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