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    The Rach 2nd piano concerto is indeed an incredible work - one of those excellent late romantic works that is just amazing. For me, it and Elgar's Cello Concerto are incredible late Romantic concertos - both rich with emotion and immensely beautiful.

    I don't have that particular recording, but for that pairing, I have Rubinstein/Reiner (RCA) and Hough/Litton (Hyperion). But I also have the 2nd Piano Concerto performed by Sviatoslav Richter/Wislocki (Deutsche Grammophon) paired with Prokoviev's 5th Piano Concerto, and then a recording by Van Cliburn/Reiner (RCA) paired with Tchaikovsky's 1st Piano Concerto. The Hough/Litton is a nice recording in that it is a recent recording, and the sound is much crisper than all the others. However, Richter does an incredible job with this work, and it remains at the top of my preferences, with Van Cliburn slightly behind, although, to be honest, I have been happy with all these recordings. The Hough/Litton recording also has the bonus of having all 4 of the Piano Concertos (the 3rd is not to be missed), as well as the Paganini Rhapsody. I also have a recording of Rachmaninoff himself, accompanied by Stokowski on the 2nd, and Ormandy on the 3rd. The sound is the weakest on this one, as it is an old recording (on RCA), but it is great for what it is - Rachmaninoff himself playing his works.

    Incidentally, his other piano works are also great. And his Elegiac Piano Trios, especially the 2nd one, are beautiful as well.
  2. Thanks for posting this! Also rather a big fan of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, always looking for suggestions on new classical music. It's becoming a forgotten genre among my generation.
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    If baroque is what you enjoy, there is a broad repertoire to explore. Bach is incredible, and so much of his work is recommendable - Brandenburg Concertos (Alessandrini/Concerto Italiano), Orchestral Suites (Diego Fasolis/I Barocchisti), Violin Concertos (Trevor Pinnock/English Concert, or Julia Fischer/Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields), Mass in B Minor (Suzuki/Bach Collegium Japan), Goldberg Variations (Murray Perahia) . . . .

    I could go on forever about Bach. Vivaldi's many concertos are all nice - I like the recent recordings by Giuliano Carmignola with Andrea Marcon and the Venice Baroque Orchestra.

    Beyond that, I'm not sure what you mean by new classical - do you mean new things for you to explore, or more recent composers, such as 20th century composers?

    Beethoven is always a must - good entry points for him are his piano sonatas (esp. Moonlight, Waldstein, Appassionata, Pathetique - I like the recordings by Wilhelm Kempff), his symphonies ('60's recordings by Herbert von Karajan, or George Szell/Cleveland Orchestra, or recent recordings by Osmo Vanska with the Minnesota Orchestra). Here I would start with the 3rd, 6th, 5th, and 9th. The 7th is also very nice.

    For 20th century, I like Elgar, especially his cello concerto, and Rachmaninoff. Mahler is right on the edge - he straddled the 19th and 20th centuries. His symphonies are incredible. Try the 2nd "Resurrection" symphony. It is incredible - my favorite recording is Otto Klemperer/Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, but Simon Rattle/City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra is also nice.
  4. I'd add that everyone has to try Bach's Goldberg Variations with Gould performing (both recordings). It's not to everyone's taste, but they're certainly worth listening to. Gould's WTC recordings are also good, and the Juilliard Quartet's recording of The Art of Fugue.

    Apart from Wagner's Ring, Bach's St. Matthew Passion is probably the greatest musical experience you could ever have - the Mass in B minor is great too.

    Don't miss Britten (especially the War Requiem, conducted by him with the original soloists), and Vaughn Williams.

    For 20th century composers that haven't been mentioned: Stravinsky (all the 'usual' pieces are good), and Shostakovich (symphonies....especially #13 'Babi Yar') should not be missed (Yuri Temirkanov, St. Petersburg Orch.).

    I'll be honest and say I've only ever been able to listen to Babi Yar through twice.....even though I don't understand Russian, it's too disturbing for me to listen to more often.
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    Best 15 minutes of the day
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    Mozart for me. Specially Symphony's#25,26,27,29 & 32
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    Mahler. Shostakovich. When in a lighter mood Korngold.

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    No suggestions from me right now but this is a wonderful thread. Thanks for that!

    Or maybe, Dvořák's Slawische Tänze ... have to think about the recording.
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    Mahler is my favorite composer! My first avatar here on TSD was of him.

    Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Vaughan Williams are favorites. Of course Bach and Beethoven. Mozart is great too, but I prefer the later composers and periods.
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    This great stuff

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    Mahler 3 is my favorite. Okay, maybe 5. Okay, Mahler rocks.
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    This is amazing..:git:
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    I have gotten very into brass quintet stuff in the last couple of years, mainly because of my son who is a tubist in one at his university.

    I have become a huge fan of the Boston Brass. My son is SO fortunate to be studying under their tubist, Sam Pilafian, who is one of the all time greats.

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    Yep, he rocks. Mahler 5 is my favorite. All time.
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    Those guys are great. I've seen them live three or four times. Always entertaining. Empire Brass and Canadian Brass are great in their own regard as well.
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    I've tried to enjoy the classical music scene, epic fail. It's not for me.
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    Just as a bit of trivia, Pilafian was one of the founders of the original Empire, back in the day. Back when he was a big TV Star.....

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    Another fan here. 3.

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    George F. Handel's my man when it comes to classical music. Royal Fireworks.......oh yeeeahhhh!
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