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    I want to clear out my den to make room for whatever 2021 will bring me. All are decent, functional razors that I’ve used at one time or another, but they are either duplicates or something I just don’t care for. Add $4 for CONUS shipping.
    • SOLD - ONEBLADE CORE - Just too mild for my taste. Uses Feather FHS-10 blades (one included). Includes original box and metal razor stand.

    • SOLD - MAGGARD V1 - Mild, smooth razor - very similar to an EJ DE89. Includes a very heavy West Coast Shaving stainless steel handle. Nice and clean. $10

    • SOLD - 1975 Gillette Super Adjustable “Black Beauty” – a V4 restored by Cap’n Murphy, Vintage Razor Repair (check his disassembly pic). It looks and operates beautifully. The last ¼ turn works on higher numbers only. $25
    • SOLD - Muhle R89 - Mild, rarely used, clean and shiny. Includes original box. $20
    • SOLD - Schick Krona - Clean, plastic handle. $10

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