Coffee newbie in need of help!

Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by Latherman87, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Latherman87; It's been a couple of months now, how's it going? With a nickname like mine, I just had to weigh in here. There are two kinds of folks that consider themselves "Serious Coffee Drinkers". The first is the modern, classy, what-they-want-is-so-specific-it-takes-three-minutes-to-order-a-cup type that have a cup or two a day. The second is the couple of pots a day drink-it-black-because-it-would-take-up-too-much-of-my-day-to-stir-it type. Consider which type you are talking to, and guage their advice accordingly. I, for instance, am one of the latter. When my wife (one of the former) drags me into Starbucks, I stare at the menu and ask if they have any, like, you know, coffee? When you go through as much of it as I do, $4 is a ridiculous amount to pay for a cup, but I do enjoy it once in a while. I've discovered their "Italian Roast" is pretty good.

    Anyway, for most people "starting out", it seems to be more about what is added to it, than it is about the coffee itself. For instance: My wife was never much of a coffee drinker. When she "needed" a cup, she took it with sweetener, and milk or liquid creamer, whatever was available. She didn't even know what she took in it, I always made it for her. Then one day at a diner there was half&half on the counter so I made it with that. A new day dawned. I think she had 4 cups with breakfast that morning.

    When it comes time to buy the hardware to make it at home, again identify the type of coffee drinker you're talking to when listening to advice. I have a brother that drinks a couple of cups a day. He swears by his Keurig one-cup-at-a-time rig. It makes great coffee. It would cost me about $40 a day to own one. So consider the source!
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    Coffee roasts are usually mild, medium, and dark. I read somewhere that if you like red wine and dark chocolate, you might like dark roasted coffee, and if you like milk chocolate, then mild to medium roasts should suit your palate. I am a huge dark chocolate fan and most of the time drink black espresso. Nothing fancy at home, just a little moka pot on the stove and espresso. I have found that McDonald's has good espresso, and it is really reasonable there. I don't think too many people order just espresso there because they usually ask me if I want it in a Latte, to which I ask for just two shots of espresso. If you find that you like dark roasted coffee and/or espresso, give Intelligentsia a try. There is an Intelligentsia Coffee Shop across the street of my office and it smells great. I go there once every few weeks as a treat, otherwise too expensive$$$$.

    Enjoy! Just like shaving YMMV!!!!!!!!!
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    I wish I had Intelligentsia!
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    Why does Starbucks taste better everywhere else served other than a Starbucks store (Barnes and Noble, Target). 1 of our local corporate store got really good then the corporate aholes came in, now smells like a skunk and is extra bitter(other local is as bad) . I think they doubled amount per pot and while I love strong black coffee can't drink this swill. Luckily have a locally owned locally roasted shop which is excellent(and cheaper).
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    If you are ever in downtown Chicago, send me a message and we can meet up for a cup of Intelligentsia and shave talk!
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    Roughly 2,000 miles is nothing for a great cup of coffee and a shave talk!
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    That's hysterical! Where is home for you? Since you made such a great point, the least I can do when you visit is throw in an Arko Shave Stick!
  8. D. Nettleton

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    Just south of Seattle! If I were a rich man, I would definitely fly over there. I visited once, great pizza.
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    +1 on Peets. We too have it shiped to Texas. Do not consider this in any way an endorsment of Berkeley (I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure. -Ripley)

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