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Discussion in 'Skincare' started by voice940, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. voice940

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    Anyone else use colloidal silver for use on cuts and nicks? It's worked quite well for me.

    Just soak a little up in a cotton ball and rub it along the face between the cold water rinse and aftershave balm.
  2. battle.munky

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    Hmmm, I've heard of silver for burn treatment...makes sense.
  3. ChemErik

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    Not for cuts/nicks, but nasal spray for sinus inflmation issues which it clears up very quickly. I would add a warning that overuse of colloidal silver has been linked to metal poisoning cases. No detailed studies had been done the last time I looked into this so the definition of "overuse" isn't clearly defined.

    In short: use with caution and definitely don't drink the stuff. It's only been shown effective in surface treatments, not for whole body health.
  4. Kyhunter

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    Silver is often used in special types of infection controling bandages. It works quite well for controling staph and various other nasties.
  5. voice940

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    Actually to my knowledge, the only effect of overconsumption (not necessarily overuse) of silver is a skin condition that leaves you dark blue
    depending on your opinion on having permanently blue skin, it's
    (pretty cool / pretty gnarly), but ultimately not harmful.
    But like ChemErik said - I wouldn't go drinking the stuff.

  6. 1OldGI

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    Isn't that what turned that one dude blue?
  7. Queen of Blades

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  8. swarden43

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    Never used the stuff. But based on Erik's note, I'll pass.
  9. ChemErik

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    Each person's biology impacts the level of certain metal that can be handled without serious symptoms. That guy's silver tolerance is extraordinary. At some point symptoms get worse - I can't recall if it's liver or kidney problems, being several years since I looked into colloidal silver to see if it was a good treatment for nasal allergy symptoms.

    BTW, I've never heard of issues from topical use. Kind of like alum, it's good for localized topical stuff, but you really don't want to ingest significant amounts.
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    smurfy , very smurfy >:happy102
  12. stingraysrock

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    There were once a family called the Blue Fugates in Kentucky, or Tennessee if memory serves me right. They were all blue, but is was a genetic mutation instead of a silver ingestion that made them blue.
  13. Queen of Blades

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    The holidays make me blue.
  14. battle.munky

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    Absolutely fascinating!!!!!
  15. voice940

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    Some people these days theorize that Krishna (SP?) over consumed colloidal silver - many Hindu gods are depicted as having blue skin.

    Also, regarding the safety of colloidal silver - remember that today's *really good* silverware, and most old silverware is either silver or silver plated. Silver is/was used in part because of it's anti-microbial properties, and overall safety... I'm not 100% certain, but I would also GUESS that the new tupperware type food storage tubs that are supposed to keep food fresher longer (it's kinda greenish colored) is infused with silver.
  16. Mynorx

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    Silver was used in the old days to disinfect water, from what I have read they used to put a silver coins and let them sit in water. Today Silver Impregnated Carbon is used to keep bacteria from growing in water filters.
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    Someone here sounds a lot like a chem major. :rolleyes:
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    Interesting story there!

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