COMMAND aftershave -- ever hear of it?

Discussion in 'Preshave and Aftershave' started by Freddie Jaye, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. Freddie Jaye

    Freddie Jaye Member

    I just received a vintage, full bottle of COMMAND aftershave, produced by Alberto-Culver (with the original box). Does anyone know anything about it?

    My google searches land on the "Tahitian Lime" variety, or on shampoos, hair creams and the like. But no print ads, no commercials, no nothing on this one. As you can see in the pic, it's deep gold (the lime version is green). The scent itself is interesting. I don't have a sophisticated nose, but it seems to waver between Clubman and Old Spice. Back of the box proclaims "the brisk, bold new scent is completely different," which doesn't help. No ingredients listing, either.

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  2. The situational shaver

    The situational shaver Well-Known Member

    I like Clubman, I like Old Spice, sounds like a winner!
    Looks all late 60’s, early 70’s too. Cool.
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  3. Freddie Jaye

    Freddie Jaye Member

    Thanks. I'm guessing 1960s. The price tag is printed directly on the box: $1.00, plus Federal Excise Tax (10 cents) as a line item, for a total retail of $1.10.

    Truly forgotten merch like this fascinates me, especially when there's little evidence it ever existed. Likewise, there's only 4 hits for "Mennen High Sierra Ice," and one of them is my own upload of a commercial (below).'high+sierra+ice'+aftershave.mp4
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  4. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    Looks like a label made especially for a store chain.
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  5. Freddie Jaye

    Freddie Jaye Member

    I suppose it could have been, but all the labeling clearly identifies it as an Alberto-Culver product. If it was a store-brand/private-label product, would A-C have kept its name on it?

    A poor repro, but here's a Command full-page ad. COMMAND AD.jpeg
    The mystery continues...
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  6. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    Okay, given the ad it probably wasn't a store brand. Trying to scent-picture a cross btw Clubman and O.S...interesting...
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  7. Frijolero

    Frijolero Well-Known Member

    Alberto-Culver started as a beauty supply in LA, with their own product lines. In 1955 they were bought, reorganized, and moved to Chicago. 100 other products were dropped to focus on just the Alberto V05 brand. Maybe your aftershave was one of those 100?

    It would not have been a nationwide brand before the reorganization, thus no ads in national publications.

    Possibly. Sally Beauty was part of Alberto-Culver from late 60s until 2006. They do have a tiny amount of mens' grooming.
    But I'm more inclined to stick with my first guess above.
  8. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    Looks very nice. Great name!.
  9. Ijustmissedthe50s

    Ijustmissedthe50s The Warnee

    Based on the simple pkgng and label and ita apparent obscurity, the "dropping" scenario makes sense. Though I instantly recognized the "Alberto"possibile connection, I wasnt familiar enough with the history of it until I read the article. So many companies and brands had products that they hoped would become a flagship at that time that its no wonder weve rarely seen some of them. For whatever reason, one product or marketing scheme "clicked" and strategy at that time wasnt diversification. it was truly an all your eggs in one basket time. I have seen that after shave for sale on the bay and always wanted some! Im sooo jealous that you scored some!
  10. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    Chris, nice to learn your name. :). Here's someone else who "Just Missed The 50's:(sort of). My sister was born in November of 1959. Thus, she enjoyed only 43 days of the 1950's.
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  11. Freddie Jaye

    Freddie Jaye Member

    Thanks! It's really in great shape.
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  12. Freddie Jaye

    Freddie Jaye Member

    I'm on board with the "drop" scenario; I suppose the same thing happened with the "High Sierra Ice" promoted in my clip above. But the label address indicates "Melrose Park, Ill." which would place its production *after* the move in '55. I did a little more digging and found that the three-letter "Ill." abbreviation was replaced by "IL" in '63; and the address has no ZIP code, which also was introduced in '63.

    The Window of Mystery is getting smaller!
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  13. Freddie Jaye

    Freddie Jaye Member

    I'd never heard of the stuff before seeing the listing, and thought I'd take a chance. Still not sure if I actually like the fragrance -- it's unlike any of my others, I don't have the "nose" needed to pick out the components, and who can guess what they were allowed to use back then? In any case, a fun little mystery for me.
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