*COMPLETE* WTT SR Droescher #79 Straight and/or Merkur Futur

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by colosilverado, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Is anyone interested in trading something/things for more SR Droescher straight? I picked this up awhile back and have been debating getting rid of it OR sending it off to be made shave ready. It is a S.R. Droescher #79 model.

    I also have a Merkur Futur that I'd trade. It is in the brushed/matte finish but has some dulling on the head. I haven't thought to ask Merkur if they would do anything about it since I got it this summer. The dulling is on the 'cap' portion that you remove to install the blade. I will work on getting pics of it soon.
    *EDIT-I'll have to email any pics that capture the details of the Futur or Droescher. Just ask.

    I am interested TTO Gillettes, brushes, harder to get shaving creams, soaps, shaving accessories.
    I'm not really into straights, single edge or 3-piece razors.

    Of the TTO razors, I'd be interested in something in these types of things, plus or minus money or other stuff from my end. Y-2 1953 Fat Flare Black Handle, blue tip Super Speeds, Fat Boys, TV Super Speeds, Rockets, TTO Techs. I don't really care if they're flare tip or care much about date codes. I would just like something or things that are pretty clean and usable, not collectibles so much. There's so much out there that I don't really know.

    If interested, just shoot me an offer. PC051467.JPG View attachment 23532

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