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Discussion in 'Shave School' started by Ron R, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. brit

    brit in a box

    which era rocket are you using ,earl or flare tip?
  2. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    I was using 1950's made in England Gillette Rockets(their version of the super speeds), Great razors IMO if a fellow wants a care free shave and will deliver a DFS>bbs.
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  3. Ron R

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    Some times you can Repurpose products people just don't want and there might be a need for it in Our shaving world.
    I have this bag of shaving blades that is keep under the sink and I was at a garage sale and came across this cigar Humidor, thought this might be a good way to store and protect them a little better for $3.00(I think it's a bargin:happy108:)! The Gal who sold it did not smoke or shave so it goes into my shaving Den. Lots of room for razors on the top compartment and lots of room in the bottom compartment for hundreds of razor blades.
    image1 (2).JPG image2.JPG View attachment 172787
    repurposing shave gear.JPG
    The wife picked up this Japanese Ceramic Suribachi bowl at the local flee market the other day for 1 dollar, she asked me if that would work for a lather mixing bowl so I tried it, seems to work OK. Also picked up a electric small fondo pot, have not gave it a test use yet.

    Japanese Surbaki bowl.jpg
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  4. RaZorBurn123

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    Know when to stop.
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  5. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    Not sure what that comment means if it relates to shaving and how to improve the Task that a lot of us enjoy! But there is a limit to subject matter I agree and as we bump along the shaving road and its up to the individual to pick topics what they could use to enjoy their shaving experiences in this "Daily learning curve of having a great shave" I just tend to give a lot of views & opinions.
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    Now I want to buy a puck of tabac.
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  7. Robstreperous

    Robstreperous Well-Known Member

    Thank you Ron R for this thread. I learned quite a lot I wish I'd known before I started out 2 weeks ago.

    Looking forward to putting what you've written into practice and some much more comfortable DE shaves.
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  8. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    That's very nice of you to mention some of these articles will help you achieve a great shave:thanks:. I have to admit that my background in the trades brought me lots of different levels of apprentices and their learning habits, the greatest asset was give them information & training as quickly as possible so they can make reasonable choices on how to do a job as good as they can with more personal satisfaction, I know what folks need and its up to the individual to cherry pick the shaving posts on this thread that make it a better experience IMO .
    Have some great shaves!:eatdrink047:
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  9. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    Post Shave is just as important to me as the rest of the shave as I found out along the learning path of having great shaves. Why not give your beard skin all the advantages that seem out there in the consumer's world as long as they are safe.
    A lot of these products have been mentioned before but fragmented in different posts.
    This is my typical routine to complete a shave and my skin seems to like it.
    - I use a warm water rinse to remove most of the soap and slickness followed by a cold water rinse.
    - I will use alum to clean and disinfect a shaved beard area, I always use cold water rinse first and then wet the block and just gently rub the shaven area of my face only. The alum (potassium) mild salt will indicate areas of over shaven area's and let it sit for 30 seconds + and then cold water rinse the excess mild salt off and it sure makes the skin firm up and seem rejuvenated IMO. Alum has been used for thousands of years from my limited research.
    - I like to use Thayers medicated witch hazel or Dickinsons witch hazel when I alternate with Alum. Witch hazel is a known for it's properties for skin care that has been proven by the thousands who have acne or other skin issues. I like witch hazel with some Alcohol to help also clean the skin and have good shelf life of the product. Witch hazel is used also to dilute my strong scented aftershaves and my skin seems to like it.
    - I also use Aftershaves because they can act as astringent & antiseptic & just smell great to finish off a great shave. I believe my skin seems to agree with it and as long as they are not over whelming scented that drive every one bonkers. Some aftershaves have some great added products to help moisten the skin like Proraso red(Natural sandal wood). Proraso red has shea butter added(a African nut) as a moisturizer and the scent is great also . Always give aftershaves a good shake before using to make sure the ingredients are dispersed evenly the way they were intended. Lots of people like a little alcohol (burn baby burn)added to help disinfect and for great shelf life.
    - Balms I use if the skin feels dry(daily shaving and certain soaps) & in the winter months to help moisturize the skin. Moisturizers will help some one feel like they got a BBS shave IMO.
    I get compliments about my complexion that I never did before & in my later years using these products. (Update Sep 23rd 2021) I really think this CeraVe moisturizer balm is excellent( scentless with Hyaluronic Acid added in) SOTD,  Sep 19th 2021 (2).jpg
    A lot of these products are not used every shave and its up to the:whacky024:'s or seasoned shavers to pick the right product for his or her shave IMO.

    Have some great shaves:lam::happy088:
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  10. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    Brush care is important to some and others well......
    I like to once in a while give my synthetic brushes a shampoo and my natural hair brush like Boar a shampoo and conditioner so it stays clean and the hairs stay soft and will last a lot longer for the natural brushes. A few minutes every 4-6 months is not a big deal.
    Cleaning is suppose to also help the water gather in the natural haired brush better like in boar because they are hollow and absorb some water and badger hair has a smaller hollow hair from my research.
    Some fellows like to have a number of natural hair brushes (badger & boar the dominate two types) so they are in rotation and that they dry out properly and some have different feels on the skin that is desired. Natural hair brushes will retain heat better for lather because they are hollow and hold more warm water.
    Good practice is to fling slap brush on towels and brush in dry area of towel Slapping the shave brush after a shave! (2).jpg to drive out most moister in so preventing mildew settling in over time and also helps in giving the hair follicles split ends for softness over time.
    These are desired boar split ends for a brush over time.
    boar split ends on brush (2).jpg

    On my synthetic brushes only I will shampoo and even dip it some isopropyl alcohol jar for a few minutes (no issues with damage) and also my tooth brush will get the dip in the isopropyl alcohol once in a while.
    I do not think I am a germ phobic but if the resources are there why not give it the full treatment and have a better working brush and sense of cleanness is prevalent.
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  11. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    Hot or warm damp towel method to the face comes to mind when the winter months are approaching here in northern Alberta Canada, I find this process so relaxing and enjoyable. The main purpose is soften up those whiskers before shaving, some guys but a lathering on first and then apply the warm wet towel to face. I tried this lather method and found it a little messy but it still works. ( If I shower I do not not apply the warm towels to my face usually because it is sort of defeating the method, some guys cold water shower so it is still relevant in that case.)
    If you have the time take a few minutes and a small plastic glade sandwich container or bowl & place the thick folded wash cloth in it and let the hot water soak in and give it a quick wring to get most of the moisture out. Apply for about 30-45 seconds to beard area and then take the cloth and run it from the top of forehead to beard and repeat twice and if that does not get rid of some stress nothing will other than pills.:eatdrink013:
    Professional barbers usually apply warm damp towels to face before a straight razor shave begins because they know the customer enjoys it and it makes their job easier and that has been going on for hundreds of years. Why not take the warm damp towel method that is a known and enjoy it at home using what ever method of shaving(SE,DE,Cartridge , straight razor & electric) to make the experience that more enjoyable.:shaver
    face (2).jpg
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  12. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    This might be more for seasoned shavers and not newbies To extend a few more shaves out of a DE blade :signs002:.I have researched and personally experimented recently with blades near it's toss life by going to a more aggressive razor for the last couple of shaves.
    The built in characteristics of a aggressive razor should allow more blade exposure giving a different blade geometry exposure to the skin surface to cut whiskers is the thought and giving more blade feel. I like mild razors but I have started using 6 & 7 blade use in a aggressive razor & it seems smooth to me after 6 to 7 shaves with my beard type.
    I usually do not go past 6 shaves as a rule of thumb on DE blades, but my shaves have been excellent at 6 and 7 using a Gillette NEW long comb(upper mid range aggressive IMO) my shaves seem very nice DFS>bbs results.
    Blades are cheap -but is it worth the effort?> It is if the shave is great and you want to put some of your other aggressive razors you might own to use and like not to waste.
    I'm not for pushing a blade for the sake of seeing how many shaves you can get(some fellows do like Marathon tests like the fellow in the video who concluded he had to go to more aggressive razor as he progressed to higher # of shaves), the shave has to be great and nick free if possible to meet a great shave quality we deserve.

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  13. brit

    brit in a box

    i use the proraso pre shave creams. i don t shave after showers..the pre shave make a difference to me in this situation..post shave feel is great , post shave balms/aftershaves are used but not really needed.first pass feels slick and drama free ...
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  14. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    I have read positive remarks about Proraso pre shave creams from lots of other shavers who like to prep the whiskers prior, most folks will stick with a product that works IMO.
    Aloe to me is more natural other than the other ingredients that are blended in to make the product a little safer and extend shelf life, I have been using Aloe for a long time for my hair and now use it for my preshave and it makes my skin & hair feel great. Aloe does not have a lot of slickness so the soaps I use more than make for great protection and aloe vera gel does not create grease or issues with my soap degradation or aftershaves issues so I use it every time for great shaves and skin care YMMV.
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  15. J. Greene

    J. Greene Member

    Ron, I tried this tonight on my shave since I already had Aloe gel here and your routine sounded good. I have been using aloe as a damage repair on my post shaves when needed and it worked great for that but I never thought to try it as a pre shave! I even used a dull shark blade that I was too lazy to replace and really put your routine to the test! My witch hazel splash confirmed it was a great shave....it was like putting water on my face no sting!. I have used oils as a pre shave that didn't work as good as the Aloe did! Thanks again for the tip and anyone else should try!
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  16. RyX

    RyX DoH!

    Do you mind if I drop a quote of that into the 30 Day Rule Focus Group? It's not something I've tried, but if I mention it some lemmings would be drawn over the ... Might do a scientific group study?

    Edit - Gary @brit , Shh I'm really curious. Either it works, or elbow bandaids all over again.
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  17. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    I know that it works because I was using it prior on my hair for +20 years and it worked better than a lot of hair conditioners. Preshave Oils I did not find as positive and so just stayed with Aloe vera gel. Glad it helped and the https://theshaveden.com/forums/threads/march-2019-30-day-rule-focus-pix-discussion.61418/ can help IMO also with Technique and just enjoying learning.
    Have some great shaves!
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  18. J. Greene

    J. Greene Member

    Ron, did another shave last night using your pre shave recipe and cant believe this isn't promoted more! I changed my soap from TOBS Sandalwood over to Tabac which even improved my shave more. I think the Tabac is even more protective than the TOBS and I don't see how my shaves could improve more now! Thanks again for your time in putting this together!!! As you pointed out, It makes sense, I used the Gillette Fusions for years and they have the aloe strips on every razor. Thanks again, Jeff
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  19. Lee Russell

    Lee Russell Member

    This is the best line I read today! I agree! the gold our ancestors give us is their experience, so we can build our skyscraper above it! :)
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  20. MR41

    MR41 Well-Known Member

    The smoothness and comfort are important for me. I use a sharp blade even in an r41 ( usually a Nacet) or a shavette because I don’t want tugging and roughness. I’ve tried to use Shark or Derby blades in both an R41 & a shavette, but as aggressive as they are it’s still rough and tugging. I’m coming to the opinion that just like with knives you work with a sharp blade is always better.
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