Dating chart for your GEM/Ever-Ready/Star razor

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    Found this on the internet and thought it can be useful for identifying..or planning...your SE razors :)

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    Thanks! Good find.
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    If you are more into reading than looking at a chart, here goes;

    1911-1912 Gem de Luxe
    1912 Gem Damaskeene (the "1912")
    1914-1915 (ER) "1914" Marked "American Safety Razor Company New York" Patent Pending
    1917-1919 (ER) "1914" Marked "Ever Ready" Patented March 24/14
    1918 "Radio" trademark blade - just a point of interest being perhaps "Radio" predated "Ever Ready" on the razors that are marked "Radio"?
    1919 Star became a subsiduary of ASR
    1919 Gem "1912"
    1919 (ER) Front Hinged Cap "Brooklyn New York USA" Patent Applied For (becomes the "1924")
    1923 "Ever Ready" trademarked by ASR
    1924 "GEM" trademark redesigned by ASR
    1925 ER "1914" & "1924" produced hereafter marked "Ever Ready"
    1930 Gem "Micromatic" (the Open Comb)
    1930 The Improved Ever Ready ("1912") - what we call the Ever Ready "1912" finally coming into common production (see above, regarding "Radio")
    1933 ER "E-Bar" - potentially earlier than the Gem offering of the same model? (Last use of "Ever Ready" in the US)
    1930s "Star" - supercedes "Ever Ready" in the US (British market continues with "Every Ready") and duplicates "Gem" ("1912") ... perhaps simply becoming the "Junior"
    1930s? Gem G-Bar (introduced after the cessation of the Ever Ready trademark in the US)
    1940s? Gem "1912 Junior"
    1941 Gem (Micromatic) "Clog Pruf"
    1947 Gem (Micromatic) "Flying Wing"
    1940s? (Late) ER "Streamline" (British - Ever Ready trademark picked up in Britain ... last used in US in 1933)
    1950s ER Featherweight (British)
    1950s Gem Featherweight/Pushbutton
    1960s Gem Contour
    1970s Gem Contour II

    So, the Gem "1912" is only a 1912 if it's a Damaskeene, 1919 otherwise.
    An Ever Ready "1912" is actually a 1930 and Star "1912" were made from 1933.

    Ever Ready "1914" is a 1914 if "patent pending", 1917-1919 otherwise.

    Ever Ready "1924" is a not a 1924 if "patent applied for" which makes it actually a 1919.

    Pivotal years seem to be 1912 (Gem Damaskeene "1912" begins), 1919 (Star brought into ASR, Gem "1912" begins & Ever Ready "1924" comes into pre-patent production), 1923 (Ever Ready brand goes full blown) and 1930 (Ever Ready "1912" begins).

    This fantastic information courtesy of PJGH (I finally found the source I think).
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    Clearly... you'll be using it for planning purposes. :D

    Thanks for putting this up. Great info.
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    Good SE info, but finding it in the Straight Razor section had me scratching my head...:signs002:
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    Can a kind mod maybe move it to the Safety Razor area please? :)
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    "Straight Razor on a Stick"?
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    Thanks for putting up the list. Any chance you can add pictures?
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    Great information. Thank you!
  10. david of central florida

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    so if I read correctly my er1924, marked pat appd for, was actually made in 1919. 20140619_184628.jpg
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    What about an Ever Ready 1912 British made?
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    This is interesting and potentially valuable.

    But I'm wondering what was the original source, and how reliable is it?
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    Very cool list, but now I'm curious what the E-Bar is.
  14. Slow Joe

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    Thanks to this great list I have learned that the Ever Ready 1924 razor I have was made in 1919.
    I also have an Ever Ready 1912 which was made in the 1930s
    It can get confusing, but thanks for the great information.
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    Thanks for this pal, excellent..
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    Darkbulb, I just found this thread. Great info. Thanks.
  17. Darkbulb

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    Wish I could take credit for it but it was put together by Paul over on TSR :)
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    Darkbulb, just so I'm clear... The demaskeene was only made from 1912 through 1919? Also, is there any difference to the razors made between those years. Gem Cutlery versus just Gem? Brooklyn versus USA?

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    The chart and info above is not by me - just a s/sheet I found back in 2014 online :)

    But - technically there were four different 'types' of the GEM Damaskeene (but a lot of smaller variations on these models).
    The very first model was an OC version and was released in 1912 after their 'Deluxe' patent had gone through (there was also a very shortlived Gem Jr lathercatcher that sported the Damaskeene name).
    In 1915 the OC model seemed to be gone from the store shelves and was replaced by a closed comb version sporting some significant design changes to the tray.
    (Both of these 1912-1915 razors had "Gem Cutlery Co." on the back of their heads).
    Four years later, in 1919 GEM became "Gem Safety razor comp" and the third version of the Gem Damaskeene is issued (with "Gem Safety Razor Co" on the back of the head)
    In 1921 Gem starts selling a new type of blade - replacing the Damaskeene blades. One last Gem Damaskeene is issued at around this time (1920-1921) where the inside of the head now read just "Damaskeene Blades" instead of "Use only with Damaskeene blades" that all three previous versions did.

    So to answer your question in a less rambling way - about 1912-1921 which contradicts the s/sheet above by two years :)
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    Thanks Darkbulb. That is very helpful.

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