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Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by B-3, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. B-3

    B-3 Active Member

    As many questions about blades, kinda wondering where the blade forum is.

    Here is my 2 cents on blades.
    All these blades were tried first in a Edwin Jagger DE86, then a Silver Flair Tip, B-1.
    I got a 10 sampler pack, plus bought 30 Wilkies, and 100 feathers.

    Of the 10 sampler pack, the only one Id care to note is the 7 O'clock. A few of the others I used once, and threw away. The lesser costly ones I gave to my friend to try.

    If felt strange, made a very cool cutting sound, but in the two razors I tried it in, it was too mild.
    I only used it in the DE86 being the more aggressive razor of the two, and threw it out after one shave.

    Wilkenson Black, Bad quality control problems, out of 10 blades, Id average 1-3 shaves, and some were as rough as a disposable. The wife is using the remainder of them for practice.They work better in the Super Speed than the modern DE86.

    Feathers, Blindly bought 100 online for $35, since then I have found them much cheaper, and am going to order 1-200 more.
    In the B-1 Super Speed they worked exceptionally. They last 5-6 shaves easy, and you dont even know there is a blade in there.
    In the DE86 by Edwin Jagger, they do heat up if your not paying attention to the heavier head. No second pass without a fresh lather or dab of Shave Secret <-- Goood Stuff

    Not sorry that I did not try any of the cheaper blades, found what works, and am going to stick with it.
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  2. Sara-s

    Sara-s This Pun for Hire

    Sounds sensible to me.
  3. JRod22

    JRod22 Well-Known Member

    I agree looks like you had a quick and easy blade experimentation phase. Can't go wrong with Feathers, they are high quality blades.
  4. Matt F

    Matt F Active Member

    I too am liking 7 o'clocks right now with my Edwin Jagger DE89. Gonna try Astra next.
  5. Ryan B

    Ryan B Knight of the Soapocracy

    You really got lucky finding a blade that works for you right off the bat. It took me over a year to find a good blade that agrees with my face. I like Feather blades, but if you don't respect them; they will get you back for it. I think I'm allergic to Platinum coated blades because every single platinum coated blade I tried made me hate life til my face was healed up.
  6. B-3

    B-3 Active Member

    I have been a student of Japan sword for over 10 years now.
    The first lesson is to respect your blade.
    If not it will disrespect you right back.
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  7. Monkeylord

    Monkeylord The Lather Lord

    Doubt it's platinum since it's generally considered hypoallergenic, you can get some allergies from soluble platinum salts, or another metal alloyed with platinum (nickel tends to cause allergies quite often). But platinum itself...highly unlikely ;9
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  8. macaronus

    macaronus Sir Nice-a-Lot

    B-3, as far as I know there is no blades forum since if there ever was a YMMV item, it's the blades. What works for you might be the worst for someone else and vice-versa. It is a very personal thing and each has to have their own quest for the perfect blade & razor combo. Or perfect enough. ;)

    Glad you found quickly what works for you! Enjoy!

    And respect for your study of the Japanese sword. Ever shaved with one? :D
  9. 178-bplatoon

    178-bplatoon Well-Known Member

    LOVE your saying at the end of the post..:yoda2: And may I add that I'm an A1 and you look very good for a B3....:)
  10. B-3

    B-3 Active Member

    AH the search for the perfect blade
    Like finding the perfect cherry blossom, it would be a life well spent.
    Mac, all my blades are too long to shave with, I have no doupt they would.
    I have a 9 inch bowie made of Swedish steel that in fact I have shaved with, once.
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