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Discussion in 'Skincare' started by Rev579, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Rev579

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    I recently found these to actually have a scent that was complimentary to a variety of fragrances.
    I have found myself interested in the *Adventure, described as "clean citrus, energizing fresh pepper, and notes of woods and musk." I'll add that I like it and have used it. Withing the same line, they offer:
    Everest: "frosty and piney, woody elements."
    *Sport Defense: "rustic, manly scent containing energizing black pepper."
    *Extreme: "Woody scent with citrus and mint."
    Overtime: "fresh citrus."

    There seems to be an additional line, Black+White:
    Black + White: "amber and woody notes."
    *Black + White Fresh
    : "cedarwood combined with a heart of orange and pineapple."
    Black + White Driftwood: "A complex, modern fragrance that combines classic masculine staples of pine, geranium, and lavender with grapefruit and tangerine."
    Black + White Ocean Air: "?"
    *These are the versions I have.

    Does anyone else have experience with these?
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    Never Heard of them.
    But sounds / smells Interesting.

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  3. Rev579

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    I gave the White + Black Fresh a spin today. It is a very "clean" scent. Unlike any of my colognes or AS options.
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