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    It's about time to get rid of a few things, especially some razors which are doubles. Also a few brushes, either restored or ones I made. CONUS shipping for each is $3.75, but will ship Priority Mail for $7.20 for two or more items, saves some money and hopefully faster shipping. Paypal is preferred.
    Edit: Well it seems like a I made a small mistake. I miscalculated the shipping cost and only found out after I mailed a couple of packages. Shipping is only $3.50 per item, ooops. But if you still want Priority mail on two items, it's only $.20 more.

    First up are three Schick injectors..........
    1 - Type E (Canada) $9.00 (SOLD)
    2 - Type G $8.00 (SOLD)
    3 - Type G $8.00 (SOLD)

    Next is a Gillette Flair Tip in very good condition. Date code K5, last quarter of 1965. $13.00 (SOLD)

    Next a few brushes.........
    1 - A Barbershop style 21mm Boar w/stainless ferrule. Used a couple of times. $15.00 (SOLD)
    2 - Strong Set repainted in Navy Blue and Coast Guard Orange and new 21mm Boar knot. $12.00 (SOLD)
    3 - Rubberset repainted in two tone Red and new 24mm Tuxedo knot. $15.00
    4 - Hand carved and painted with a 24mm Tuxedo Knot. I have not epoxied the knot yet, so if more weight is
    wanted, let me know. $16.75 (removed)
    Two or more brushes 15% discount plus shipping....................

    I wasn't sure if I wanted to sell this one, but I'll give it a shot. An Opal #12 which has been widened to accept a 24mm Tuxedo knot. $14.00
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