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    DSCF1490 (640x480).jpg DSCF1489 (640x480).jpg DSCF1486 (640x592).jpg DSCF1493 (640x480).jpg

    Only a few things remain.

    Pic 3- Vintage Yardley Shaving soap- used once $25 post paid- priority mail delivered Conus- add $17 more international buyers for flat rate priority mail. Now SOLD

    Pic 2 105 Gillette 7' Clock Sharpedge Blades, i.e. Yellowjackets + 45 Tiger Blades made in the Czech Republic, these blades were discontinued and are from 09. 150 blades for $25

    Blades still available, now priced at $22 post paid Conus. Blades now Sold.

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