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Discussion in 'Special Projects' started by SSLSTudio..., Apr 5, 2009.

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    So its been a while since there was an update to the current Status of my Bathroom. yes im still living with 50% usable bathroom.

    but now it finally starts to come together now that I found a guy that could design my Dream bathroom because how often will you have the chance to completely destroy an old bathroom and rebuild it to current Wellness Standards.

    The new concept has been drawn out by this new architect .

    I thought it to be best to share my progressions and also see inside tips maybe that some of you have here while im still in the Design phase.
    once we start breaking things it will be too late and the way things look now
    the rebuilding will start around August 2009 most rebuilders here are booked fully till after the summer holidays so I rather dont stress it anymore and design a perfect working relaxing centre.

    So let us begin with contemplating the new Design what is important for me might not be important for you or you might have an idea that I havent thought of yet more minds are better then one.


    To start with the interior I wanted to do like the Japanese who think a toilet shouldnt be in the view or inside a bathroom specially not when you take a long bath. so in this new design I took out the toilet and will build it outside the bathroom in a corner thats kinda dead space but there is room to have it inside so maybe think about the cons and pro's for this.

    The toilet will have a Japanes system build on top of a normal toilet
    computerised water jets clean you up. and offcourse normal Toilet paper still
    available. a ventilation system that runs 10m longer after you turned off the light is included.
    No sink in toiletroom why would you ? walking to the bathroom is next door.
    or should we go for handwash mini sink ?
    Pro's ? Cons ?


    I was thinking a Dual Sink system I would have my own , future sale of the house would appeal to a big family buying the house since it has a dual sink kids fight for bathroom time no need 2 people can brush teeth now.
    does this really work ? id like to hear from members who have 2 sinks in their bathroom or would you rather go for 1 big sink ? or 1 sink and more counter space ? like in this design choose for a 100cm wide or even 90cm wide sink and a nice cabinet to store all the aftershave and colognes in ?
    Pro's ? Cons ?


    The mirros are custom designed to specs. build in mirror heating so you can shave right away after stepping out of the hot shower.
    Since we decided to go for custom cut instead of designer mirrors the mirrors will be installed at same level as the wall Tiles and will seem as if one with the wall. for lightening we will use SPOTS
    Pro's ? Cons ?


    Rainfall system from the Ceiling gives the whole bathroom a bigger perspective . a small handshower next to the rainfall system.
    either a 18cm head or 20cm head no bigger or else id have to replace the waterboiler all together . No Glide Bar to attach the small shower head ?
    To Turn on the cold /water ratio has been build not under the showerhead
    but a bit side so you can still reach it with your hand but it doesnt get wet
    less cleaning up to do and no residue buildup of water on it.

    again id like to hear from people how their experience is with a rainfall system versus normal small showerheads they had on a glide bar before
    Pro's ? Cons ?


    Quickdrain or easydrain system which is installed into the floor
    this makes choosing for floor tiles easy any size doesnt matter now.

    Pro's ? Cons ?


    Halogen Spots with a Dimmer will be installed.
    Pro's ? Cons ?

    2 wireless Speakers waterproofed for bathroom use.
    uses a Sender/receiver system.
    the sender device will be hooked up to my AV amplifier of the cinema setup.
    I will then have internet radio, Cd music, Mp3 music in the bathroom via the wireless speaker system.

    Aquasound and Sonos are 2 systems I looked at ?

    anyone have a music system in their bathroom ? how many watts ?
    you choose for wireless system or Wired with the cables hooking up to next room thru the wall onto your stereo set ?

    Pro's ? Cons ?


    whirlpool system uses Airjets and Waterjets. combination possible to use
    either system together or solo for a longer stay in the bath without getting too tired. no color light show .
    size 180*80cm.
    probably no Faucet from the wall the overfill drain system will be functioning as a water filler aswell a system I was adviced by the designer excists a dual system so saving to install a seperate water pipe

    anyone with any regrets after they went from a normal bath to a Jacuzzi system ?

    Pro's ? Cons ?


    Special low noise ventilation unit ontop of the attic that runs 24/7 to keep the bathroom dry to keep fungus out and save the sanitair kit and general crap from building up.
    3 settings 24/7 low and when you take a hot shower you can crank it up.

    Floor Heating :

    heating installed in bathroom and toilet. this will clean the shower area quicker and save cleaning a bit residue water buildup cant be happening due to water vaporates. sanitair kit stays longer good.
    maybe dual system run some CV hotwater pipes thru the new floor so in Winter the floor is heated by CV aswell as little by Electric heating and in summer Electric heating takes over fully ?

    Pro's ? Cons ?

    Design Radiator ?

    not taken into account yet with this design. which I think we need to heat up the towels or put somesort of a Towel heater /hanger system in the bathroom.

    Tiles and Wall theme ?

    Id like to have a Japanese theme or feeling to the whole bathroom if possible so we might end up doing a fancy White Wall with blackfloor and real Black Wood carved into edges to accentuate certain accessories.

    Extra Service the builder offers is building 2-3 powersockets into the Sink cabinets /drawers so you can plug in your electric razor ? uh ?

    or hairdryer ... I dont use either system but could be handy ?
    Pro's ? Cons ?

    So here are the layouts sofar...and Golden Tips will be taken into consideration.

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  2. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Boubi, scheint diese Einstellung wohldurdacht, und elegant zu sein. Hoffentlich dass es zusammen gut kommt. :)

    Zum Wohl! ;)
  3. JayKay

    JayKay 3000 posts and all I got was this lousy title

    The thought of a toilot in a room without a sink kind of grosses me out. Also, going to the bathroom in tiny unventilated rooms is a killer.
  4. boyextraordinare

    boyextraordinare New Member

    Beautiful design. Drop the rubber ducky, and add a mini-wash adjacent to the isolated toilet - Middle-Eastern style.
  5. jbcohen

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    Personally I would want my sink to have a built in rack designed for safetys with no thought being given to cartridge razors at all. I would want a rack for at least eight safetys and perhaps one or two straights.
  6. SSLSTudio...

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    good point ill take it up in the new design , as the toilet is now 115 by 90cm
    instead of 70 by 90 it seems there is room for a special designed small sink to wash the hands. incase it was too small id have a small lid build into the wall where I would have a Gel wash bottle that sanitizes the hands without the need for water the gel dissinfects the bacteria .
  7. mmack66

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    I think you need a sink no matter what.
  8. tjgriffin

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    Could you join the bathroom and the WC with a wall opening that blocks sight lines but allows one to walk between the two sections?

    Without knowing whats outside the room, here's what I'd suggest. Move the bath door out level with the WC door. Then make the WC door a wall. Make the side wall of the WC shorter than 1150, so one can walk in. This could have a sliding/pocket door for complete privacy. Extend the wall on one side of the old bathroom door to narrow the opening without completely closing it, to interrupt the sight lines, if necessary. This too could be a sliding door so someone in the bath can have privacy too. The result is a vestibule with access to separate WC and bath section, each of which affords privacy.

    I don't have a good sense of the scale so this could end up being a bit claustrophobic. And, of course this depends on being able to move the bathroom door. Here's a rough sketch:

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  9. crackstar

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    Sag mir, Schatzi--hast du irgendwelche Idee wie viel das kosten kann? Spar vielleicht ein bischen Geld, und tun das etappenweise. Ein Stuck des grossen Bruderlichen Rates, mein Bengel! ;) :D
  10. wklmmmm

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    why not be like ozzy and have a urinal?
  11. SSLSTudio...

    SSLSTudio... Forum Debugger

    das wird etwa um die 30.000€ kosten. arbeit lohn ist viel zu hoch hier.
    ich hoffe es fur 25000€ zu schaffen aber es ist keine von meine freunde die hilfen konnte zum abrechen von badezimmer zum beispiel da wurde ich geld sparen. dieses verbaung wurde etwa 3 wochen dauern.

    man konnte dieses nicht im etappen tun :(
  12. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Himmlischer Gott--so viel Geld????? :eek: Das ist dabei eine Hauptinvestition zu sein, Schatzi. Ich wusste, dass das teuer sein wurde, aber ich begriff nie das viel..........Als Corinne und ich undsere Kondominium kauften, bezahlten wir 35,000$ fur die erste Zahlung, und die Ruhe mehr als zwei Jahre. Jetzt, haben wir schulden Scheisse-alle! ;)
  13. SSLSTudio...

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    schulden..das ist nicht gut...
  14. SSLSTudio...

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    Round showerheads or Squared .

    I cant decide as of yet to go with round or squared rainfall system or shower panels.

    I am posting two ideas .
    The tiles you see are the actual Tiles we will use for the Japanese Bathroom .

    Im leaning more towards the squared design and panel to make it even more minimalistic since the whirlpool will be squared and the custom made sink will be squared aswell.

    suggestions are welcome as this week I need to finalise the construction go ahead.

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  15. rodd

    rodd Knotty Boy

    This bathroom is going to be amazing. I think the square seems to go better with the rest of the design from what I have seen, but either will look great!
  16. erictski

    erictski Member

    Square...i love straight lines ...
  17. rick

    rick I'll make ya SCream!

    What the...............???

    NO WET BAR ??!!

    C'mon Rene. You have to have one !!

  18. Truckman

    Truckman New Member

    I'm gonna have to go with the round. The square is too modern for my tastes, and the round breaks up all the straight lines...
  19. wklmmmm

    wklmmmm New Member

    i'm telling u, go w/ a urinal - they even have zero water urinals now.
  20. Henrique

    Henrique New Member

    Definitely the square!

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