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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Vlasta, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. RyX

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    Both Schick and Gillette made 3pc and TTO DE's with deeply marked top caps. Can't say I'm a fan of the style. Those with open comb caps look interesting but I haven't tried one yet.

    That would be interesting. Gem blades - stiff with the thick wrapped end lay flat. I can't think of a DE that doesn't bend the blade in at least a slight curve. I'm not sure how one set up could hold both types of blades.
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  2. jmudrick

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    Well here's the patent. The production Shake Sharp does bend the DE blade of course but as a single edge design it does so in unique fashion (using the cap and rear shoulder).
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  3. BBS

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    See the Bohin razor. The reversible plate is prior art. If they tried to take you to court for infringement you can get the whole patent invalidated on those grounds if you want to go the legal route. Talk with a patent lawyer first about this before doing anything would be my advice then proceed on the reversible plate idea from there. Either way have an non-reversible plate razor ready for sale in case you do get caught up in a legal tussle.

    See the Bohin or Gillette Goodwill 160 for adjustable blade reveal and exposure. It works simply on the fact that the cap can sit on the plate offset to one side or the other besides sitting symmetrical like every other razor out there.

    If you are sick enough to make it, I'll show you how to make a razor for people who don't shave.
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  4. Vlasta

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    I think I am sick enough...
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  5. BBS

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    Let's see what you come up with for a regular razor first.
  6. Vlasta

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    OK I seem to have interested a few people. How about we take it over to the PM forum so I can share some hand sketches (be warned I am no artist) so you can see what I am thinking of. Hands up who wants in?
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  8. Jayaruh

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  9. RyX

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    I'm in if you don't mind. I enjoy engineering on the fly and designing projects. Takes a little mental effort but envisioning the finished product, then figuring out how to get there is fun.

    Been a while since I was a Member so I don't recall if members can form up the group PM's. Let me know if you need assistance getting it going.
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  10. Hembree

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    Can I tag along and watch? I may not be able to add much but I love the process.
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  11. BBS

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    One thing to consider before showing off drawings is there anything that is possibly unique or adds something different to an existing design that might be patentable.

    If so before showing off design drawings I would suggest applying for a provisional application before showing mechanical designs to people who may potentially take the idea and put it into their already commercial products. You don't know who is really sitting behind these screen names in most cases.

    Now if you are only sharing artistic designs then this is a non issue unless you plan to use said designs as a trademark.
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  12. BBS

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    I think you are too. I'll pm you on it.
  13. Jorvaljr

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    I’d like to be in.

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