Do you ever go for a 2nd shave.....just because?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by Padron, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Padron

    Padron Active Member


    Do you ever shave in the morning, and then have another shave in the evening? or shave in the evening and then have another shave in the morning?
    trying to keep that BBS close shave going....
  2. apswartz

    apswartz New Member

    Once a day is the most I can fit in.
  3. IsaacRN

    IsaacRN Active Member

    Really wish I could..but alas..the skin is to sensitive
  4. texquill

    texquill Member

    My long-suffering wife laughs her butt off at me when I find an excuse to shave for the second time in a day. She claims that I'm addicted to the Haslinger sandalwood shave soap I use.

    She is SO wrong! The truth is that I"m addicted to the entire experience, from the pre-shave shower all the way to the decision about what ASB and cologne to use.:signs136
  5. oldfat1

    oldfat1 New Member

    Really + 1 on the other Ken's answer.

    If we go out in the eveing, or someone comes over I will shave again. My wife says I don't need to. But I want to! For the first time I enjoy shaving.

    Of course I "have" to shave for work the next day.::angelic004.

    I do however "tone down" the shave. Using a Tech and a mild blade, no ATG that sort of thing.
  6. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    I have done it in the past, but I can't any more--my skin is too sensitive.
  7. Books

    Books Active Member

    3-4 times a week I have to. I do a 2 pass shave in the morning and a 3 pass at night when I have more time.
  8. Infotech

    Infotech Active Member

    If I get a few new things at at time I'll start shaving twice a day.

    When I got my latest brush (Rooney 3,1) along with some new creams and aftershaves, I was shaving twice a day for about two weeks. I had to cut it out, but I think I could get away with it.
  9. SlagleRock

    SlagleRock Member

    When I was in basic training I had no choice. At 18 I had the kind of beard most guys can't grow before age 30. I carried a disposable razor in my right breast pocket and without fail just before chow each evening my TI would yell, "SlagleRock go shave". And I'd have to shave before I could eat.

    Now that I have a choice I only do it on those "special" occasions. If my wife requests it or if we are having company that sort of thing.

    More often than not it's the 0600 shave that does it for me for a full 24 hours.
  10. ateace

    ateace Member

    Once a day is plenty for me and my face. Even if I wanted to, I don't think I'd have enough growth in the evening to be able to try.
  11. rwb

    rwb Member

    i am so glade of this topic came up all this time i thought something was wrong with me for shaving 2 to3 times a day i used so much shaving soap i got to making my own so i get the smells i like real now i can tell my wife i am not alone.
  12. Michael

    Michael Duke of Kent

    Back in the days when I used an M3 every day, I would shave twice if we were going out for the evening or something. No ill effects. With a DE though, the one time I did try it, I wished I hadn't. If I know that's going to be necessary, I will shave WTG-only in the morning and save the serious shave for the evening.

    Besides, I've gotten to the point where I look forward to the daily chore (yes, chore) of a DE shave about as much as I used to look forward to an M3 shave. That is to say, "well, I guess I have to go shave now."
  13. Infotech

    Infotech Active Member

    That's gotta suck! I haven't gotten to that point yet. I still discover new things and enjoy it. Of course, I was a late bloomer. For the first year I didn't experiment with blades or razors which I have just recently started doing.
  14. xChris

    xChris Member

    Once a day at most for me too. Any more is only tempting the bad things of shaving to happen. :(
  15. jnich67

    jnich67 Member

    I would if I could, but, alas, there's not enough stubble to shave for a good 24 hours...:(

  16. moviemaniac

    moviemaniac Tool Time

    My skin is too sensitive to handle a second shave in one day...
  17. Leon

    Leon Active Member

    Mine too. I only shave every other day and still my wife still thinks I shave too often... Well, considering I only shaved once a week before starting this wet-shaving journey. :rolleyes:
  18. 1969Fatboy

    1969Fatboy New Member

    Really my beard is ready to shave right after 24 hours....36 hours it is perfect and usually when I can get the most comfortable and smoothest shave possible. I used to shave every other day with the M3 but hated every minute of it b/c of the tugging and pulling during the ATG passes. My face is weird I think?
  19. Htownmmm

    Htownmmm Member

    I have on a few occasions, but when I do ,its WTG and 1 pass only. Once(just once) I did say after using a slant earlier in the day-my face came out tender, but the velva solved that!

  20. ChemErik

    ChemErik Mr. Personality

    Never have, but I think I could. I've only been into the DE thing for a couple months, so only recently have improved my technique enough I don't think I'd get too much irritation. I'd never even consider it with a M3. Of course, I'd have to plan it out, use a smooth blade and not go ATG on the first of those shaves.

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