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Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by Carson West, Nov 9, 2019.

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    No sweat, CW. I'm just grateful for them. Thanks again.
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    probably witchcraft

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    A good example of how beard type affects the blade is my dad and me, he didn't shave whiskers, he shaved barbed wire, you could stand in the hallway outside the bathroom and hear the feedback through a closed door. Me, if the water is running too hard I can hear any feedback, he would have to change blades every two shaves where I can get a good 10 shave from the same brand. And then there are those people who could not shave for a week and you'd never notice, those are the one's getting 100 shaves from a blade.
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    Then longest I’ve ever taken a blade is 6 or 7 shaves. I think it was 7 o’clock green, but don’t recall and there was no real reason I chose that particular blade. I generally just toss the blades after 2-3 shaves regardless of how well they are saving because I just like using different blades.

    I have seen guys in other groups use same blade for 50+ shaves and it’s just insane they last that long.

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