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Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by Ryan B, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. over5feet

    over5feet Active Member

    We have a newfoundland called byron who is around 75kgs Byron.jpg Bryon 2.jpg
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  2. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Mon Dieu - elle est si mimi!!!!! (My God, she's so cute!)
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  3. battle.munky

    battle.munky Has the menthol.munky on his back!

    We have a cattle dog/dalmatian mix (we think anyway) and a Kerry Blue Terrier.

    The mutt is awesome, the KBT is the dumbest worst dog we've ever had. She was a pet store dog that we saw as a pup for $2,000.00 and came back 8 mos later and she was reduced to $200.00. We should've known that spending 8 months of her life in a 2x3 foot cage would've produced a damaged dog.

    On the other hand, the mutt is smart, well behaved, and all around great.

    We had a toy poodle for 17 years and had to put him down. Since then, I can't really love a dog right though. Too much pain in the loss, so I don't have the attachment to the other dogs. It's horrible, I know.
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  4. oscar11

    oscar11 Well-Known Member

    Terriers, We've had Wire Haired Fox Terriers for the last 16 years or so. You have to have a pretty good sense of humor around these guys they can get into mischief and usually do. Wonderful personalities and plenty of it.
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  5. jbund

    jbund Well-Known Member

    First off I have to say that I am NOT a pet person!

    That said last January my wife and daughter stopped at the local Humanist Society shelter and they came back telling me I HAD to see the dog they had found. Well the beast turned out to be a seven year old Yorkshire weighing all of eight pounds. My daughter assured me SHE would walk it she would clean up after it she would feed it she would play with it. Well the last one is true she does play with it. Dad gets to walk it and of course clean up after it.

    That said we had him for about 6 weeks before we found out he could make a sound. Well his name is Cal so apparently he was named in honor of President Coolidge old silent Cal. And he seems to think that he is the Will Rodgers of dog-dom in the neighbor (he has yet to meet a dog he doesn't like or better yet given his size that doesn't like him). He really is a sweet little thing! And everyone seems to think he is sooo cute. In fact I had him out for a walk one morning and some lady was driving by and slammed on the brakes so she could tell me how CUTE he was. And he would lay down his life to prevent anyone from hurting my daughter! And I will never believe anyone who says that dogs can't smile - HE does. As you may be able to tell I've come to care a great deal at least for this dog.
    Cal and Rachel.JPG
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  6. Azarius

    Azarius Must have had his WHEATies

    Excellent story and adorable Yorkie. We have a lot of pre-schoolers in our neighborhood and they all think ours is still a puppy.

    There may be bigger dogs, but it is hard to find one as brave as a Yorkie, they sure have gusto!
  7. jbund

    jbund Well-Known Member

    Yes Cal seems to go 100 mph or he is asleep. Yes even some grown ups are surprised to find out he is now almost 8 years old(vet's best guess). I know it is interesting watching him go up to met and greet some of the Pit bulls and Boxers and such in our neighborhood, you suddenly realize how little he really is. But in his own mind he is as big or bigger than any of them. He is mostly a very calm animal so it is interesting to watch him with some of the more excitable dogs. They act up and he just stands there with a look on him of what is your problem? And 90% of the time they just calm down too. And it is funny he tends to be a disturber of the calmness of those dogs at are trained to just walk - they can just walk by all the other dogs but when they see him they want to stop and have a long talk as it were. Their owners are pulling them along and they are just looking back at him, so I guess it must be a pretty universal idea that he is cute. And I guess that I am really actually very fond of him!
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  8. white_feather

    white_feather Active Member

    We have a Shih-tzu/Dachsund/Roosevelt Terrier mix. We had a Belgian Malinois and a Pitbull too.
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  9. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    I was always a big dog fan until the Thursday before Easter 2002 when I opened the door to go to work. Cowering on my stoop was a 4.5 lb mess of a Chihuahua Yorkie mix. It was pretty clear that she was dumped and had been on the streets of South Philadelphia for a while. I took her in, called out sick from work, fed her and cleaned her up. It took a lot of work over a few years, but she has turned into a fantastic 9.5 lb pup and is showing no signs of slowing down. Here's of pic from last summer out in the woods on a hike. She normally has longer hair, but she got the summer cut. Besides her, I do have a fat little Chihuahua named Gunnar. I adopted him from the shelter a couple years ago. He's a character as well.


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  10. maxpower

    maxpower Member

    I love dogs! Thanks for sharing your stories and pictures.

    We currently have a 7 year old Carin Terrier and a 5 month old Glen of Imaal Terrier.
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  11. Azarius

    Azarius Must have had his WHEATies

    My wife and I have always had small dogs, actually always the same breed, Pekingese. My wife has wanted a teacup Yorkie for a long time, so we got Miss Lulu. I have always wanted a German Shepard or Border Collie but I am not sure how it would get along with Lulu or my cats.
  12. Ryan B

    Ryan B Knight of the Soapocracy

    I want a dog that is a faithful companion, can protect my house and family, kind, good with kids. So that would probably be a medium or big dog.
  13. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    That describes just about any dog as long as you take the time to train it well and show it lots of love.

    I always liked the quote, "Be the person your dog thinks you are..."
  14. Azarius

    Azarius Must have had his WHEATies

    Hey PanChango...

    I have to say that this is one of my favorite dog pictures of all time, it would make a killer avatar!!! That dog has tons of personality :)
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  15. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    Thanks. It took all his reserve not to bite me for putting the shades on him. He is a character. There are a few other pics around, but it is really funny seeing him fight with or try to hump my 20+ lb kitty. She doesn't appreciate it and normally kicks his butt.
  16. Ryan B

    Ryan B Knight of the Soapocracy

    I'm probably partial to mutts. You can't go wrong with a good old fashioned mutt IMHO.
  17. jbund

    jbund Well-Known Member

    That is a tough job, being the person your dog thinks you are. My daughter is old enough now to know that I am not quite as wonderful as she thought when she was little. But the dog still has illusions, like when it is thundering and he comes to hide next to me - hum do you think he is really smart enough to know that a 6' 3" I would get hit by the lightening first and spare him? Clever little beast, I must remember to keep an eye on him what other plots is he up to?
  18. battle.munky

    battle.munky Has the menthol.munky on his back!

    ....toooo easy Dale ;)
  19. Ryan B

    Ryan B Knight of the Soapocracy

    Well, I've been looking for puppies and found pit puppies and some lab puppies. The labs were saved from getting put to sleep by Pilots for Paws. Sadly, the pups were moved to the East Coast and my parents said absolutely not until I move out. Go figure.
  20. Ryan B

    Ryan B Knight of the Soapocracy

    This is Caesar. He's an 8 week old chocolate lab/ pit mix. I just got him yesterday.
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