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    I have amassed a number of things I think a few may find of interest. Only looking to trade. Gear can be found at this link.


    I really narrowed my den to only a few artisans and I only have a small wishlist of hardware. I can always add a few dollars to a trade but would prefer to trade most of the value. Few things I'm interested in are listed below but if you have something I may find of interest based on my wishlist just send a PM.

    Declaration Grooming (L&L), Wholly Kaw , B&M Reserve & Chatillion Lux (AS, Toner & balm) are my go to for face grooming needs. Any items from those guys I'll entertain trading for. Especially looking for out of stock items as well as sets no longer being produced. Essentially anything I may have missed prior to May.

    Immediate Needs:

    • L&L Mayflower Splash
    • T&S Morocco Splash
    • B&M Reserve Fern Soap
    • L&L Blackberry Blossom Bay Set
    • Blackland Sabre Razor
    Nice to have:

    • B&M: Reserve Cool Set
    • L&L: Puzzle, Sweet Lemon & Marshlands
    • Wholly Kaw: Dance of Agrumes & Cyphre Rose Concerto
    • Chatillion Lux: Clamorgan & Taum Sauk

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