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  1. So, several years ago, I posted here about the use of Dr. Bronner's liquid soap as a shaving soap. The label on the bottle is an interesting fine-print read on morality, Godliness, and cleanliness, and basically promotes the use of this soap to clean everthing from baby bottoms to locomotives; and, the label says you can use 5-10 drops in your palm, spin it up with a brush, and SHAVE with it. I tried it, and, I will say that, expletives aren't a normal part of my vocabulary, but, I'm sure a few escaped my lips after I was done--that stuff lit me up with a burn that I have never before experienced! First, and last...
    So recently, I have become a regular user of Bronner's BAR soap in the shower, peppermint being my go-to choice. I enjoy the entire "ceremony" of wet-shaving at the sink/mirror, with one of my vintage Gillette TTO or three-piece safety razors when time allows, but more often than not, I end up shaving in the shower, spinning up some green-tube Bigelow (Proraso) in a plastic bowl, with an ancient boar-hair brush, and shaving-by-Braille with a five-blade Gillette cart razor. I ran out of Bigelow a few days ago, and decided to spin up some Bronner's from the soap bar, and shave with it. Whoa, Nellie! I was extremely pleased with this stuff! A nice, wet lather, with a lot of lubricity, which allowed a nice "feel" of my face while shaving, a finished shave that equaled any that I have ever done, and--NO BURN, or dryness! Several more tries, same results-- I'm going to have to think hard about getting more dedicated shaving cream or soap; I think I just became a convert! Bronner's bars are a bit pricier than "common" soaps (used Irish Spring for years, but only shaved with it a time or two, didn't care for it in that regard) but I like the feel and smell of it, and now, I can shave with it, too!
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    I have been using Dr. Bronner's Soaps for over thirty years. I had a girlfriend that was sort of a hippy. And she used nothing but Dr. Bronner's Pure Organic Castile Liquid Soaps. She washed dishes, clothes anything and everything she used Dr. Bronner's Soaps. She even went so far to wash her car and her Vespa Scooter. (The photo of the Vespa Scooter is one I found on the internet I think her scooter was either Green or a Blue color.)
    The only other soap or I should say shampoo she allowed in her house was Prell Shampoo.
    Try using their
    Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Magic Soap
    Dr. Bronner's Eucalyptus Magic Soap
    Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Magic Soap
    Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo - Extra Strength.

    One reason they seem to be a little expensive is that they are a Fair Trade Certified™ item.

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    When I use Dr. Bronner's liquid soap, it leaves a pretty heavy residue on the shower walls and door. Is it the same with the bar soap?
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