Duke or Rooney 1/1?

Discussion in 'The Brush' started by a-cut-above, Nov 22, 2007.

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    Can any one tell me how the Duke 1 or 2 compares to the Rooney 1/1 in Silvertip or Super Silvertip? (I assume these two differ only in color.) It's for face lathering soaps. Is one firmer, scratchier, a better lather maker, etc? Is the Duke really better, as it is always mentioned as "the " brush for soaps? Assume they are equal in price for this argument. Thanks,
    P.S. Does the Simpson Commodore belong in this comparison, or are we talking minor vs. major leagues?
  2. Padron

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    The Rooney 1/1 is a great brush...haven't tried a Duke yet...I think the Rooney is like $75....well worth IMHO :cool:
  3. greendyk

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    Regarding the Commodore, the handle is excellent IMO, but the hair quality, while OK, is not as good as the other two brushes you mention. It's one of those Simpson quirks - their Best hair is not consistent throughout their line of brushes.

  4. owen

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    I have the Duke 1 it is perfect for those little wooden bowls. After 1 month of almost constant use I am getting used to the smaller handle, but something keeps telling me I should have went a little bigger with the Duke 2. My duke 1is in best hair in which I find soft enough and face lathering is very easy. It lost only 2 hairs the first month,but the last couple of days I am losing around 6 hairs a shave. I dont have a rooney yet to give you a comparison but If the hair loss continues with this simpson It will soon maybe rooney style3 small.
  5. Michael

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    Not trying to hijack or anything, but as to hair loss, I've had a Kent BK8 for over a year, a BK4 for probably 8-9 months and a BLK4 for maybe 3 months. None have lost a single hair! And I probably use one of the Kents at least 4 days out of 7. Awesome brushes!!! (see custom title...:D)

    I also have a last years B&B Finest (EJ), an EJ Medium silvertip and a Rooney Style 2 small (Gentleman's Shop branded). None of those have lost a hair yet either, though obviously, they see much less use.

    To at least add something towards an answer to your question, I have to say that the Rooney is my least favorite of them all. Have never even SEEN a Simpson...yet. Lots of guys seem to like them, but they do seem to get quite a bit of press regarding hair loss and inconsistencies in manufacturing, don't they?

    Good luck. :D

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