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    I am selling a couple of items only because I desperately need to get a prescription and pay for my doctors appointment tomorrow. So I am letting go of a couple items that will sure be missed. CONUS only please. Add 5 for shipping. I figured out how to pay for small flat rate box online so there wont be a delay getting it out. PayPal only and buyer pays fees.

    Elite 5000 year old irish bog oak with 24mm elite 2band brush. I have used this maybe 5 times. I seriously doubt I even have 5 uses with it but I dont want to go over the uses. I have the blue bag and papers that were sent with the brush. 100 I paid about 130-140. I cant remember exactly.

    20200805_072746_compress84.jpg 20200805_072759_compress89.jpg 20200805_072752_compress51.jpg

    Beau Brummel no 35. 5/8" restored and scales swapped. I left patina on the blade as to me it gives character. The discoloration is patina not rust or pitting. Razor is shave ready. 30obo

    The Aiku sold already sorry

    Mansalu 750 japanese razor. It's about a 6/8" has a little pitting and what looks like hard water stains on the blade. It is shave ready and would be perfect for someone who wants a japanese razor but doesn't want to spend a lot. With a little sanding it can look just as nice as the expensive razors. It is shave ready. 30obo

    Friodur 472 inbetween a 6/8 and 7/8. Razor is in perfect condition. it has a scripted spine. Shave ready. I love this razor and I'm sure you will as well. It will be one I replace. 80obo

    20200801_102252_compress38.jpg 20200801_102313_compress23.jpg

    Next is a 5/8" black diamond razor. This thing is extremely light and is a very noisy shaver, but gives some of the best shaves I have had. It's one I grab when testing new edges so if the new edge isnt right I have a good razor as backup ready to go. It is shave ready, finished on Naniwa 12k. This is another I'm going to hate letting go. 60obo

    20200805_073225_compress15.jpg 20200805_073214_compress34.jpg 20200805_073247_compress93.jpg 20200805_073231_compress16.jpg

    If I have to I will also let go my C-Mon Special. 6/8" shave ready. Great shape. Gold is in great shape. Razor doesn't look like it has been used much at all. It comes with the box as well. I can get more pics tonight if need be. 100obo

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