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    Gentlemen and Ladies

    See the photos of my le Supreme. I was lucky enough recently to be able to purchase it outright in France. I plan to sell it so that I can further my hobby with items that are more appealing to me. Don't get me wrong, this is a beautiful piece of machinery and shaves like a dream. But I already have a Slim and a Persona Precision which I also love and that is enough for me on the adjustable front for now. I cleaned and polished this razor and as you can see from the photos it has some brassing on one of the bars. I think I know the reason for this. This razor has an aggressive side and a mild side ie if the aggressive side is set to 4 then the mild side is on 2. The previous owner obviously used only the aggressive side and that is reason for the brassing.

    I need your advice. Is e-bay the best forum to sell this on? Should I set a reserve? I have no idea of it's value if it even has one or what a serious collector would be willing to pay for it. I have only ever seen one other talked about on all the forums of which I am a member. Can anyone help me with advice about how to do this. I've only ever bought shaving stuff on ebay, never sold it. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks guys & gals


    Essor 1.jpg

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    The Essor le Supreme is a rare razor. Ebay may very well be the best place to sell it but its rarity might actually work against you since most people probably haven't heard of it.

    That being said the Essor is regarded as a fine razor. Unlike the Gillettes it is a continuously adjustable model rather than a stepped adjustable which is rather unique as far as I know.

    Condition is paramount of course and I really can't tell a whole lot from those pictures. Out of curiosity where did you get it?
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    I bought it off ebay France from someone who didn't know what they had. I probaly need a photo staging booth of some sort to photgraph it properly. I could get it replated but I'm not sure if that would be the best thing to do. It works properly and has no bumps or bruises but it does have plating loss on one of the bars. What is your opinion on replating. Improve value or not.
  4. great razor, I'd love to have one so '!
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    Might try....

    Joining B&B (badger & Blade) forum. You can sell there as on this forum. The difference is I believe they have a fairly large contingent of the "More money than brains" club there. When you watch a razor sell on the bay for a ridiculous amount, more times than not it pops up on their acquisitions threads.:happy102
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    have one so! or have one..... so?:D
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    Relatively disinterested advice, since, although it's quite a nice razor, I'm not actually interested myself. Can't own everything. I would go the eBay route, since if you sell on the classifieds here, or the B/S/T on B&B (why do I suddenly want a BLT?), you run into questions about selling at a profit. On eBay, you can set the starting price, including shipping, for the least you're willing to take, and hope that more than one person is interested.

    Only reason against selling on eBay would be if you don't already have a substantial seller feedback profile there. A lot of eBay buyers are wary of buying from somebody without a track record. I've thought that if I ever wanted to sell something expensive there, it might help if I sold a couple of cheaper items first, things that people would take a risk on, and hopefully get a record for being reliable.

    [Edit] Oh, on re-plating. It might improve the value to some, but enough to pay for the cost of the re-plating? I doubt it. Some collectors might actually consider that re-plating makes it less desirable, because it would be less authentic. For that reason, if you did re-plate it, you should mention it in the listing.
  8. paydepst

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    DON'T replate...unless you intend to keep it! To a true collector replating is like refinishing antique furniture.

    I figured you got it from France as that is about the only place an Essor shows up--when they show up.
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  10. GlennConti

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    Hi. I have one already. Take great photos, sell it on eBay and put something like “not Gillette adjustable” in the title. You want to tap into any of the many Gillette adjustable collectors out there. Not on b&b at all. They all look for bargains. My 2 cents for what it’s worth. Oh. Mine has some plate loss, came in a case, no instructions and I paid about $600 for mine. Hope this helps. Certainly DO NOT Replate it.
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    Don’t sell it (unless you need the funds), don’t replate it. It won’t get cheaper with time.
  12. Question for you guys - As noted in my avatar I am the happy owner of a great condition Supreme set which even includes the original manual. Did any of you ever see or know of (other) existing copies of the manual? Curious to know. Thanks.
  13. romsitsa

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    There is/was one full set in the cardboard box and one loose manual went on the French bay as part of a lot.

  14. Adam, think this could have been the one I have, I indeed got it on the French bay as part of a lot, but not with cardboard box though. My manual is pretty easily identifiable with the brown ‘age markings/dots’ in the top above the ‘M’...

  15. romsitsa

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    Then two? Yours and another full set. Can’t find it right now, but the manual is folded under the head of the razor in a cardboard Supreme box.
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    Never seen before.
    Thanks for sharing.
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