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    In some thread, forgot which, the Eversharp adjustable slant was mentioned, and @PLANofMAN kindly orderedasked me to post about it.
    At first there was a lot of confusion in my mind about this razor. Eversharp was Schick, at some point Gillette, what did they do with a slant? Fortunately, @riverrun found the answer: this Eversharp came from Norway. He even found a patent for it.
    The razor takes DE-blades, but due to its curved head design only exposes one edge. Besides, the head is placed tilted on the handle so you get a slanted cutting edge. It has a knob on the end of the handle allowing to loosen the cap/increase blade-gap, marked for reproducable results. Unfortunately, the blade is not fixated so the larger the balde gap, the more it can flutter, leading to interesting shaving results.
    DSC09110.JPG DSC09111.JPG DSC09113.JPG DSC09114.JPG DSC09117.JPG DSC09119.JPG
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    That razor for starters predates any injector. Secondly is this the same Eversharp as the one in the US that was making pencils or is it a different company with a similar name? Also by 1929 Eversharp and Wahl were a combined company with the name Wahl Eversharp. No mention of that in the patent application either. So either this was some subsidary or division of Wahl Eversharp and if not then a completely seperate company.
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    That's a really interesting design. Sounds like you've shaved with it. How is it?
  5. efsk

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    This is an Oslo, Norway company that had a similar name and nothing to do with any other razor, battery, pencilmaker.
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    Dangerous. You can only use it safely in the mildest setting, anything over the blade is not clamped and has room to flutter. I did find that the position of the head makes it very easy to find and hold angle. Had they added something simple like a spring it would have been a pleasant shaver.
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    What puzzles me is the English language name of the company: Eversharp Safety Razor Co. Ltd. A/S.
    Not a name I would expect for a purely Norwegian company.
    More something like "Stadig skarpt barberhøvelfirma aksjeselskap" :)
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    I'm sure it is/was a pleasure to use with the old thick three hole blades that were in use when it was made.

    Gillette old types are also considered aggressive nowadays, but I'm certain they were fairly mild when used with the original blades.

    Unfortunately, even NOS three hole blades exhibit signs of rust and deterioration and are difficult to restore for use.

    Neat razor. Thanks for posting.
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  9. BBS

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    A second blade will work as spring. load the trimmed blade on top of the other to not change the gap of the blade.
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    I've a few razors that came with shim. Maybe I should use one of them with this one. O well. Loads of razors are still waiting for testing, so no idea when this will happen.

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