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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Smedley, May 5, 2007.

  1. Smedley

    Smedley New Member

    Picked these up at a local Loblaws (Canucks will know what I'm talking about, at least the ones in Ontario will).

    Nice blades, I would put them at about Derby sharpness but not (for me) Derby irritation. Still, at $0.45 per blade, they might be a bit pricey for some of the members here. :rofl

    As far as I can tell, they are probably made by the American Safety Razor Company. The retail package doesn't say much beyond "Made in United States", but the blade container is very similar to what they show on their website for their WWII blades.
  2. Smedley

    Smedley New Member

    Dung! Pure dung!

    Well, the package was sitting in my bathroom in an elevated place away from the moisture and the blades rusted! What crap! Meanwhile, my pack of Swedes sitting beside them which have been there for at least three months is full of pristine blades!

    So I guess maybe if you buy these, you need a nitrogen chamber to store them in. :rofl The shaves off the first one were nice. I will try opening a new pack and sticking the pack inside my medicine cabinet and see if that reduces oxidation damage.
  3. Bronco

    Bronco Mac Daddy

    :shocked029 You mean you don't have a humidity controlled blade vault?
  4. Smedley

    Smedley New Member

    That's for when I succumb to collecting straights. :signs136
  5. Rufus

    Rufus New Member

    Smedley, I've searched high and low in my local Loblaws stores to find these blades, but to no avail. From your second post, I think I've been lucky not to have found any; for once Loblaws' supply chain management problems appear to have worked in my favour.
  6. Smedley

    Smedley New Member

    Must be a local neighbourhood thing. They also sell Trac II clone blades under the same brand name. I was surprised to see DE blades, frankly.

    I will open a package up and see how it lasts in my medicine cabinet. Too bad, they are nice shavers if you can beat the miracle of oxidation.
  7. Smedley

    Smedley New Member

    If you leave them away from direct steam, they last OK.

    I am happy to have a set lurking in my medicine cabinet, they're a pretty good blade and are available locally.
  8. Rufus

    Rufus New Member

    Smedley, I'm going to take another look in my nearest Loblaws and Fortinos. I've seen the Trac II clones, but not the DEs; mind you there is always a lot of empty shelf space in the blade section of my local Loblaws' pharmacy so I assume it's because they haven't re-stocked. Loblaws used to be a great store, but in the past 12 months or so I've become very frustrated with them, as they always seem to be out of stock of some key items; it appears that I'm not the only one looking at their share price and the negative publicity they receive in the financial press.
  9. Smedley

    Smedley New Member

    I don't know why this particular store carries them. Maybe there are more old men around buying them here? Maybe phoning around before heading out would save time?

    As for Loblaw's, it used to be one of my favourite grocery stores, now it isn't. Longo's and Sobey's have replaced it.

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