F.W.Engels. "Argo Steel". Restoration.

Discussion in 'Razor Restoration' started by DaltonGang, Jul 9, 2019.

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    "Argo Steel'

    I have two FWE razors. One with a nice blade, that needs a little restoration. It also has non-factory bone scales. The other has a worn blade, and nice restorable FWE scales. I will attempt to put the nicer blade, into the nicer scales, and restore them both, as I go. I will post as I go along.

    Donor Blade w/Bone scales on top.

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    I look forward to watching the progress!
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    A little hiccup. After removing the blades, from the scales, with a Jewelers saw(Hacksaw), a small problem was revealed. The donor blade is a fraction longer than the other blade. So, the fitment of the donor blade causes the tip of the blade to hit the Wedge, in the scales. I have some small files, just for such an occasion. Plus, the donor blade came with a tiny chip in the tip, at the toe end. I planned on smoothing it out, when restoring the blade, anyway. So, just a little filing, inside the scales, on the wedge, then off to the blade work. I can always whittle the wedge down some more, if needed.


  4. DaltonGang

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    It took a while to get the wedge, to where I wanted it. The tightest fit I've had. The scales were sanded from 400-2000, buffed out, then polished with Flitz.

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    The blade was another matter. It had heavy pitting where the rust was. So, the polishing only went so far. After that, I blued the tang, like it originally was. The photo makes it look lighter than it is.
    Next is the pinning.

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    Finished, as much as I wish.
    I do wish I had a belt sander, for knives/razors, so some of this deep pitting could be taken care of. Oh well.
    I had to enlarge the pivot pin hole, with a small hand drill. I need to order some smaller pins, and collars.
    The blade is perfectly centered, and snug. Next up, will be the stones, when I get around to it.


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    very nice sir..
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    The man does not mess around!!!!
    Nice work Scott.
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    Thanks guys. It isn't NOS, but its mine.
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