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    One Day.
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    Nope not worth the extra ching. If you gotta have an adjustable...they are kinda silly.... A slim or Black Beauty will give just as good a shave. You pay the extra ching for what it is...not the job it does.
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  3. Jim99

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    The fat boy is a great razor. Is it worth the asking prices that you’ll see online? That’s up to an individual’s willingness to part with his money. Basically, you have to decide how badly you want it.

    I got lucky with mine after shopping around for a few months. It was in an a antique shop and they were looking to unload it. I get great shaves out of the fat boy and it’s my favorite adjustable razor. Then, of course, I get great shaves from most of my razors.
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  4. Redrock

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    I have 4 of Gillette's adjustable razors:

    Slim (silver handle)
    Slim (black handle short)
    Slim (black handle long)

    For me, I do not see appreciable difference in the way they shave. I use all on setting 3. I believe you would be pleased with any of the 4.
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    I'm in a tiny minority because in my opinion, no. Good razor, but the hype is just that.
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  6. jimjo1031

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    I have four of the Gillette adjustables, two Supers ( short and long gold), one Slim and one Fatboy. I get great shaves from all of them, but I personally prefer the Fatboy only because I like the shorter handle, weight and balance of the razor. Even with the case, price wise it didn't cost me the most, you just have to keep looking. And I pretty much have to depend on Ebay or similar as in this town I have not yet seen a razor for sale in any thrift store so far. But I'm still looking..............
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    I have one Fatboy. Its a G1 so it was manufactured in 1961. Of the 8 razors I own, the Merkur 34c and the Fatboy (shown below) probably account for 90% of all my shaves. Its heavy and comfortable in the hand and gives excellent results with a wide variety of blades. Not sure what a "hefty" price means. I paid $80 for mine on Ebay, which for the excellent shape its in - I thought was a reasonable price for something that will last me forever.

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  9. Kevinwine85

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    Well it looks like I just got one, vintage Gillette 1959 fatboy e1 with original case.
  10. RyX

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    Looking forward to hearing about your shaves! I hope it's everything you are looking for in a vintage adjustable.
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  11. Kevinwine85

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    Thank you, the damage was 65 bucks, but from what I've seen, I think I got a good deal, considering it has a case.
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    65 with a good, clean case is a pretty good deal. We need pics and some shave reports!

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  13. Jim99

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  14. Kevinwine85

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    Ok, will do, it's an eBay win, as Soon as it gets here I'll post pictures. I normally shaved with a straight razor, but ever since I won a de in a pif, It would be dishonest of me if I said I didn't like shaving with de razors, it could be just me, but I have coarse hair, and it seems like they do a better job with hateful stubble.
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  15. Enrico

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    @Col C you bring up a great point; purchase price of a Fat Boy. They're no longer in production, all brass and nickel plated, solid construction, a great shaver, and by the way they're repairable. A merkur 34C is around $40 and plentiful; so paying $65 for a Fat Boy (in a case), in my eyes is not a bad price. :)
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    Sure. But I think the question is as to why they are worth more than other Gillette/other vintage razors which are no longer in production, all brass and nickel plated, solid construction, a great shaver, and by the way repairable. No question vintage Gillettes generally are good deals compared with modern razors.

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  17. wchnu

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    Beat me to it.
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  18. Enrico

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    I don't know ... people are crazy ... as you know. Usually when you don't have a particular razor, your usually willing to pay more; then when you have one there everywhere and cheap.
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  19. LOOT

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    Someone already answered. It's heavier, shorter, and better balanced than a Slim or a BB.

    Just because you think adjustables are stupid doesn't make it so. To each his own.

    OP read the feedback and made a purchase. He will find out for himself soon enough. And the beauty of it is...if he hates it just like you, he can sell it and back the majority of his money.

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  20. Kevinwine85

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    There's a gold tone 58 on eBay right now.
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